Dell Venue 7 competes for the budget crown, but does it have what it takes?

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Dell\’s budget tablet can now make voice calls


Dell has updated its Venue tabs with something that every other Indian buyer is craving for – Voice calls! It
makes sense, if you can put a sim in it for data, why not include calling! Though, Dell is smart and has not
included a earpiece to make you look like a fool. One look, at the tablet and you will notice the unique circular
design at the back with a Dell logo in center. It makes the tab look amazing and increases the grip by many folds. Talk about grabbing, the tab is truly light weight. The front is all glass and only thing visible is the front camera cutout. Overall, when off, the tablet looks stealthy black.

The tablet has good clean design. The power button and headset socket are on top, with the Micro-USB port and volume buttons on the upper left. A fairly prominent speaker grille is on the bottom. The Micro-SIM and microSD card slots are hidden under a neat rubber flap on the right edge. The primary camera, centered near the top of the rear panel, sits on a raised bump. This means that the tablet rocks a bit if you try using it when it\’s lying on a table. Dell has printed all its regulatory information on a black sticker on top of the grooved rear surface, which is the only
thing that mars the Venue 7\’s looks. 


Dell has continued using Intel\’s Atom CPUs in its tablets, and the new Venue 7 is powered by an Atom Z3460, which is a dual-core, 64-bit processor running at speeds between 1.06GHz and 1.60GHz. The screen still has a resolution of 800×1280, though part of it will almost always be occupied by a band for the soft navigation buttons. This isn\’t the sharpest screen around, but it\’s good enough for reading books, surfing the Web, playing casual games and watching videos on. The primary camera has a 5-megapixel sensor and no flash, while the one in front only has a 1-megapixel sensor. There\’s 1GB of RAM and 16GB of internal storage space. MicroSD cards of up to 64GB are supported. The Dell Venue 7 (2014) comes with Wi-Fi b/g/n/ac and Bluetooth 4.0. 4G LTE is not supported on the bands used in India, so you\’re limited to 3G speeds. The battery is rated at 4,550mAh which returned an amazing battery life. 

Dell has used a stock Android based UI with a few customisations, most notably WavesAudio optimisation and its accompanying app. You can toggle between movie, music, voice and game modes using a widget in the notifications shade. There\’s also a card scanner and contacts syncing app called CamCard, a photo editing app called Skitch, Dropbox, Polaris Office, Pocketcloud, and Dell Cast, which mirrors your tablet\’s screen to an external one if you happen to have a compatible adapter. The Venue 7 struggles at multi-tasking and stutters in some casual games as well. If you are looking to game on this one, don\’t even try! With the great battery life though, you can watch videos on its bassy loudspeaker and browse to your heart\’s content. Camera quality is satisfactory for a budget tablet and nothing great to talk about. One word of advice, do not try using it in low lights, as it\’s almost unusable. Call quality and reception was good. As mentioned earlier, the tablet does not have an earpiece. The only way to call, is through a headset or loudspeaker. Weirdly though, Dell hasn\’t provided a headset in the box. Budget calling! 

Verdict :
Dell has tried hard to provide everything on the Venue 7. Result is a jack of all and master of none. Its low end processor fails to do basic multi-tasking and the headset oriented call features limits your user experience. Though, its backed by a trusted brand and we believe an update can optimise the software experience. Get this tab, if you are a casual user, but do not mistaken this for a phone replacement.

Specification :

¢ Display: 7-inch, IPS display with 1280 x 800 pixels
¢ Processor: Intel Atom Z3460 (1.6 GHZ) with 1GB RAM
¢ Operating System: Android Kitkat 4.4.4
¢ Connectivity: Voice calling with 3G
¢ Camera: 5MP primary camera and 1MP front camera
¢ Battery: 4550mAh

Price 6,999/-

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