Dell Alienware 13 Laptop : Gaming Beast For Ultimate Performance

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Alienware 13 is one of the best gaming laptops out there in the market. It is built and design for hardcore power pact gaming. It is bigger, faster and better than its previous line of gaming products as well as gives tough competition to other gaming devices in the market. 

Specifications :
¢ 17 inches, 1920 x 1080Windows (7), Core i7
¢ 8 GB RAMNvidia GeForce GTX 980M GPU
¢ 1 TB (total) SSD

¢ Hi-tech design and Sturdy Design
¢ Highly configurable
¢ Gorgeous Display
¢ Incredibly fast and powerful

¢ Pretty heavy in weight
¢ Expensive Pricing
¢ Lacks 16:9 display

Verdict :

Alienware\’s new version comes with some design tweaks. This beast offers the best laptop gaming hardware in the market, although, there are few tuff competitors in the market now. Alienware laptops do not come cheap, so unless you are a heavy duty gamer, think twice before you opt for it.

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