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How to delete Google account permantly

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Google is now more than just a search engine. Everyone of you must have atleast one account created to enjoy all services offered by Google. A Google account offers access to all Google services, including Gmail, YouTube, Drive, Google Plus and many more. I know, Google is great – but sometimes you just need to cut loose. No matter the reason for deleting your account — switching to a new one or just testing things out — the process remains the same. Here how to do it.

Step 1

Head over to Google account settings by going to

Step 2

Under the “Account Preferences” option, click on “Delete your account or services”.

Step 3

Now you will have two option. Either “Delete products” or “Delete Google Account and data”.

Step 4

Click on “Delete Google Account and data” and Google will ask to enter the password for security reason.

Step 5

Now Google will ask for the final confirmation in which you need to tick both the checkbox and press “DELETE ACCOUNT”.


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