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Cool things you didn’t know your Android Phone could do!

things your android phone could do
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Smartphones make your lives easier, it’s like you are roaming around with a computer in your pocket. You can do a hell lot of things on an Android phone. However, it turns out there are still so many things you didn’t know your Android could do. We are listing out some super cool things that you can do with your Android smartphone:

Share apps, photos, music, and contacts with just a tap

The very sci-fi Android Bean lets you instantly share apps, photos, music, contacts and also appspecific items by just touching one NFC-enabled device to another, typically back to back, and then tapping to send. Don’t forget to check if your phone is enabled with NFC. Go to ‘More’ in Settings or if you are using a Samsung device then go to Settings or if you are using a Samsung device then go to Settings > Connections. After that, turn on the S Beam or the Android Beam which is placed below the NFC option.

Type with a Swipe

With the help of gesture typing, you can write a message by scrolling your finger on the letters. It makes the work convenient if you have only one hand free to type. You can download this Google Keyboard from Google Play Store.

Take a screenshot or put it on Silent with just your palm

Not many of you know that you can take a screenshot by swiping the side of your hand across the screen. Along with this, you can instantly put your phone on mute by just placing your hand over the screen. For doing this, you have to enable the Palm motion which you can do by going to Settings > My Device > Motions and Gestures > Palm Motion. You will see options for Mute, Pause and Capture screen.

Invert Colors

Go to Settings > My Device (only in Samsung) > Accessibility > Negative Colors. With the help of this option, your Android smartphone will become a little more readable at night and also a bit trippy.

Keep the screen bright just as long as you’re looking at it

Smart Stay is a feature specifically for Samsung users. This feature keeps the display light on just as long as you are looking at it. Go to Settings > Display > Smart Stay. If you are a Samsung user, go to Settings > Smart Screen > Smart Stay.

Display your contact details on the lock screen

Go to Settings > Security > Show owner info on lock screen. If you have a Samsung device then go to Settings > Lock Screen Widgets > Owner Information. You can put any information of your choice where you’d like to be approached, in case someone finds out your lost phone.

Lock or Wipe your lost phone remotely

There’s nothing worse than losing your phone. However, after losing the phone it’s even more frightening to think about what might happen if someone else gets access to your precious data. Google offers you an amazing feature called ‘Android Device Manager’ that allows the users to track the phone and even take control of it in case you lose it. If you know you’re never getting your phone back, you can factory reset or remotely lock it. To make the Android Device Manager work, go to Settings > Security > Device Administrators and get the access to the site on your PC when your phone is lost.

Try PushBullet

Posting and copying URL’s Is so old school in this generation. Try PushBullet for simply pushing likes on your smartphone to your tablet, or from your PC to your phone and even from your phone to all of your devices. By installing PushBullet, you also get notified of Calls and Messages on your PC which you can seamlessly transfer between all your devices.

Solve a Math equation by clicking a picture of it

A feature called PhotoMath allows you to solve a complex equation with a blink of an eye. What a relief to all the people suffering from Maths Phobia! With PhotoMath, you just have to take a picture of the Math equation you want to solve, it will instantly solve it.


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