Consumer Electronics Show Asia 2018

CES Asia 2018
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Consumer Electronics Show (CES) ASIA is the big event for the consumer technology industry, showcasing a wide range of innovation in the Asian marketplace. This was the 3rd successful year for CES Asia held in Shanghai from June 13th to 15th. CES ASIA exhibitions included a wide variety of applications including audio, augmented reality(AR), concepts products, drones, Internet of Things(IoT) and robotics. We have curated the trending products we encounter at CES Asia.

Morpx’s MoonBot

Morpx’s MoonBot Kit is an educational robot with AI integration. It offers kids to learn, play by getting familiar with the DIY culture. With the vision AI technology, kids can get an amazing visual and amazing interactive experience.

Power Dolphin

Power Dolphin is a water-based drone that is capable of diving into the water wirelessly. The device is fitted with 4K cameras that can capture photos and videos of the sea life which cannot be possible with regular cameras. It is also fitted with sonar and can detect fish and catch them.

Hohem iSteady Pro

Hohem iSteady Pro is a handheld gimbal designed to fit action cameras such as GoPro, SJcam, etc. It is a 3-axis gimbal that sensitively adapts hands moments. The gimbal features built-in power bank, motion time-lapse and a controller to manually control the movement of the gimbal.

Hohem iSteady Mobile

Hohem iSteady Mobile is a handheld gimbal designed for smartphones. It supports many kinds of advanced shooting techniques such as static time-lapse, motion time-lapse and tracks lapse. The gimbal come with a set of own controller to focus and zoom.

Libratone ZIPP 2

Libratone has always associated itself with distinctive designs and customisation. The ZIPP 2 looks similar to the previous model, but offer improved functionality. It has 360-degree full sound to fill the whole room. For connectivity, the ZIPP 2 comes with WiFi support for highest coverage area and provide high-quality sound. It also has Bluetooth to stream on any device.

Hanergy thin-film solar charging pack

Hanergy designs flexible thin-film solar technology. The new charging pack adopts a split-body design which allows it to work regularly even under shadows. It is not just an electricity generator, the charge pack serves as a power bank as it is equipped with 5000mAh battery. Moreover, the charge pack is permissible to take on commercial flights.


Hanergy thin-film solar backpack

Hanergy’s new-generation thin-film solar backpack designed for travellers who required their gadgets to stay charged all the time. The thin-film solar backpack provide you a constant source of electricity for all his electronics like a smartphone, laptops, and other accessories. Rather than carrying a bulky power bank, you can simply plug in their device to USB ports located inside the bag and on one side of the straps.

Daimler AG Smart Vision EQ

The Daimler AG Smart Vision EQ is a two-seater electric autonomous self-driving concept car, which has no steering wheel or pedals. Besides looking incredibly cute, the Vision EQ is designed as a commuter vehicle with a dashboard on the front. The company claims that Vision EQ will have two lithium-ion batteries with a total power of 30 kilowatt-hours.


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