Cons of iPhone X: Why It Isn’t the Phone for You?

iPhone X
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If you have a huge list of why you shouldn’t buy Apple’s iPhone X. then hold your horses, because we bring to you a list of reasons why you shouldn’t buy Apple’s latest edition. Here are the cons of iPhone X.

  • One of the biggest problems you will face with iPhone X is its full glass display. Such a display will make the device prone to shattering.
  • Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8 Plus provide iris scanning functionality, and iPhone X simply doesn’t, which is quite disadvantages compared to Apple’s competitors.
  • The latest iOS 11 update is world-wide inglorious for its bugs and issues. And such an update is bound to generate flaws for iPhone X.
  • Reports suggest that iPhone X might be thicker and heavier than its predecessor iPhone 7.
  • Just like the previous editions, the absence of a headphone jack is a doom for the iPhone X.
  • A major con of wireless charging is that it works at 15 feet or less distance only.
  • Apple hasn’t been able to penetrate on its significant battery life issue. The draining of the battery is still an issue in iPhone X.
  • One of the major cons of iPhone X sites is its high price tag, which surged from $900 (59,148 INR) to directly $1100 (72,298 INR).
  • A slight demerit is the limited color options: black, silver, and blush gold colors.
  • Frankly speaking, none of us favor the strange and hideous vertical design for the dual-lens camera. iPhone X’s dual-lens camera isn’t a major alteration from iPhone 7, except for the position that it is placed at.
  • Nothing new, but the absence of USB-C is a demerit to the device.
  • iPhone X turns into a black screen at times, which is a big flaw in iPhone X and all its preceding models.
  • iPhone X has reinstated the Touch ID with FaceID. This is a major iPhone X demerit as some users are only used to unlocking their phones with fingerprints.
  • It is quite unsatisfactory to know that iPhone X has fallen short of split tasking. Split-tasking is another feature that iPhone X drawbacks over Android handsets.
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