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Who Are They?

coldplayWith the Global Citizen Festival just around the corner, Coldplay is in the air with people raving about their much awaited performance slated to take place on the 19th November in Mumbai finally putting all the concert rumors to rest. And, if there is anything hovering over the minds of a million people right now, it is Coldplay for many reasons. An impressive line-up of Indian celebrities like Aamir Khan, Oscar-winning film composer A.R. Rahman, actor-singer Farhan Akhtar and more are slated to join the Global Citizen Festival, which retains its fix format providing free tickets to fans for participating in taking action and supporting of education, equality, and sanitation campaigns. Most people might know Coldplay as a four piece band with Chris Martin fronting it with three other members, with the handsome 37 yrs old lead singer receiving the maximum attention. No doubt, he is insanely talented and those dreamy blue eyes melt our hearts. But, hey! dig deeper, enter the skin of the band and you’ll find that they are a treasure of four brilliant musicians and not just one. Known for their unmatched music, brilliant songwriting that move your soul, mesmerizing melodies and magical tunes, Coldplay has been swaying the world with their unreal tunes since 1996 thus leaving behind a 16 years long legacy. While they whirled the world with music that resonated with their soul, they also became a regular target of hate by music critiques.

Coldplay: The Band for Dummies

Coldplay, a four piece band, consists of Chris Martin as the lead vocalist, Guy Berryman as the Bass Guitarist, Will Champion on the drums and Jonny Buckland as the Lead Guitarist. Democratic in approach, Chris Martin has revealed that the profits and proceeds banked by the band are divided equally between the 4 members.151886The band came to be formed when three of the band members- Martin, Buckland and Berryman- met while attending University College London in September 1996. It initially performed by the name Pectoralz at local clubs. The band later came to be completed with the fourth member, Will Champion, later joining the band. The group finally settled on the name Coldplay which was borrowed from another group.What ensued thereon is history that still continues to write itself. However, what came as a calamity on all the Coldplay fans was an interview done earlier this year that had Chris Martin stating their latest album to be the last one at least for a while. Comparing their 7 albums with the 7 books in the Harry potter series in an interview he did in 2014, he mentioned how wrapping up the albums on the 7th one would be a good idea. He also went ahead to put on record the fact that he would have never work on a solo album as he would have never been able to make any of the music he has made until now without his band. Leaving the prospect of a future album open, Martin is happy with the music they’ve made and wishes to look back at the music they’ve made on the way. As said by him, “A part of me right now just feels like yeah seven albums, that’s great and they form a kind of circle and they all make sense to me now and I feel really proud of them.”

Music, Awards, Fame and More

Coldplay has a great discography of 7 Studio Albums namely Parachutes (2000), A Rush of Blood to the Head (2002), X&Y (2005), Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends (2008), MyloXyloto (2011), Ghost Stories (2014) and 8640aa0c566d5d0a9f6035d6dc88fe0cA Head Full of Dreams (2015). Although the bands believes in making music purely for the love of it without any restrictions or structures, their music mainly has encompassed genres like alternative rock, post-Britpop, pop rock, pop and piano rock. As per critics and followers of the band, Coldplay kept stepping up its game right from Parachutes which won a Grammy until X&Y as they continued to churn out quality music. Listeners were exposed to quotable lyric pieces and a mature take on love experiences though the songs in these albums. Viva la Vida and MyloXyloto marked a period that invited a whole lot of animosity towards the band from the listeners for the diversion towards a more popular music route. By trying to digress from their genres a bit and explore and change their style of music, Coldplay stumbled into a mess that made people feel that they were just another band that started out with a rock title only to betray in the end to become pop inclined. Coldplay, in this way, was subject to a whole lot of jokes and criticism. So was Ghost Stories. It was then that the latest album A Head Full of Stars brought some originality back to the band.Listeners can argue about the merits of a single song but all the songs stand their own as a coherent piece of music distinct from each other. Moreover, if you are a major sucker for popular culture, you know what a big deal the halftime at Superbowl is. If you totally digged it, just like we did, you’d have seen how Coldplay was one of the performing artists. What? Yes! Alongside Beyonce and Bruno Mars, Coldplay officially became a part of the popular culture by attaching the Super Bowl fame to its repertoire.coldplay-and-their-indian-rishtaColdplay has been graced with a long list of awards and an even longer list of nominations. Some of the awards won by the band are

  • 6 Grammys
  • Five Bill board awards
  • Nine Brit Awards (4 of them for the Best British Group, a feat achieved for the first time by a British group) and 6 NME awards 3 out o f which are for the band
  • 5 MTV ’s Europe Music Award s, 6 MTV ’s Video Music Awards
  • 6 Q awards, (one being the Best Act In The World at the Q awards in 2005)
  • A GQ award, 2 Juno awards, 3 World Music Awards
  • Rolling Stone readers voted Coldplay as “The Fourth best artist of the 2000s” in 2009 and “The Best Artist and The Best Band of the Year” in 2003.

Coldplay and Their Indian Rishta

If you’re a Coldplay fan, you’d agree when I say that you’d have killed to be in that one random pub in Delhi earlier this year when the band decided to bless their fans with a surprise ‘touch and go’ visit in the presence of Indian musicians such as film composer Vishal Dadlani and folk singer Raghu Dixit that turned it into a mini gathering of some sort. And to make you feel worse than you’re already feeling, they performed a selection of a few of their songs like Viva La Vida, Yellow, and Paradise. Of course this once incident had that internet rage with jealousy and anger over missing out on their favorite band.coldplayAdditionally, a track by the name “Hymn for the weekend” that features on their latest album “A Head Full of Stars” was shot entirely in India, Worli, Mumbai to be precise. Although not many Indian fans were pleased with the superficial portrayal of what India is all about (Holi, slums and poor kids) fans were nevertheless overjoyed to have their favorite band come over. What more? Sonam Kapoor briefly appeared in the music video (seconds to be precise). But hey! Who would miss a chance like that?The band’s surprise visit in Delhi fuelled unstoppable rumors about a prospective concert. And, heavens seem to be happy on us Indian’s because Coldplay’s long-awaited performance debut is finally confirmed. Even if you have tried to stay away from all the excitement surrounding the Global India Festival, 2016 happening in Mumbai because you couldn’t get your hands on a ticket (because dude the price is a whopping INR 25,000 to 500,000), then you know that we Indians are in for a massive treat with 90 minutes of pure Coldplay.In addition to these, Coldplay added many feathers to its Indian travelogue by donating a very special guitar signed by all the members to a charity in India and meeting with Prime Minister NarendraModi and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal.

Some Gyaan On Coldplay That You Might Want to Know

  • Before being called Pectoralz and Coldplay, the band was called “Starfish” for a while. You will all agree when I say I’m glad they decided to change the name
  • The 2002 Grammys saw Coldplay’s first ever full-length album “Parachutes” win the “Best Alternative Music Album” award
  • In a brief encounter, Barack Obama told frontman Chris Martin that he had songs by his band on his ipod. How cool is that?
  • An article from the New York Times called Coldplay “the most insufferable band of the decade.”
  • The band’s manager is lowkey the secret fifth member of the band that no one sees as said by the group members
  • coldplay3On being asked what their favorite thing about being in a famous band was, Guy, the bassist of the band replied saying, “It’s a real privilege to wake up and not have to put on a suit and tie,” while Martin said it was waiting for Madame Tussauds to call
  • Coldplay’s smash hit “Yellow” gets its name from a Yellow Pages book that Chris Martin glanced at while trying hard to name the song
  • Coldplay strictly abides by a policy of not letting companies use their music in advertisements, and has turned down offers from massive brands like Diet Coke and Gap
  • Coldplay’s song “Fix You” was written by Martin for his then wife Paltrow when her father passed away
  • The band big-heartedly splashed a brilliant $4.22 million on bands for fans to wear during the 2001 MyloXyloto tour which changed colors with the music played
  • Coldplay has played an active role in donating to charities on various occasions and raised over 250,000 pounds in 2009 by auctioning off various pieces of memorabilia. Moreover, Chris Martin spent 400,000 pounds to raise money for the victims of the earthquake in Haiti at Sean Penn’s charity event
  • Chris Martin is apparently a very big Rocky IV fan as he mentioned in an interview that, “I can speak about Rocky IV all day. Rocky IV, for me, and I’m sure there are other equivalents for the generations, that’s the movie that taught me about not giving up. If you want something, you have to go for it. You have the combination of your talent and then you’ve got to work like crazy. And if necessary, go to outer Siberia to do so. You can do it man!”
  • ‘Glass Of Water’ is Chris Martin’s favorite Coldplay song
  • Martin has a delightful sense of humor as seen across many interviews. One of the funny comments he made was, “If I have a problem with a chorus, I like to go into the men’s room, ’cause the echo is nice. Doesn’t smell so great, so you need to write it quickly, get out of there.”
  • Band member Jonny Buckland has claimed that his love for Football exceeds his love for drums and he would happily walk out of the band did he get an opportunity to play for his favorite team
  • Record-breaking with a sale of whopping 21.3 million digital copies, the album “MyloXyloto” holds the record for the most digital copies sold

Sixteen years, a legacy, a history. Music for the ears, food for the soul, which is what Coldplay music is for the fans. No matter who despises them, if you are a Coldplay fan, you are a fan for life. That is the magnitude of impact the band has on its followers. The magnitude of following it has garnered over the years in its journey to becoming one of the most memorable bands of our times is overwhelming. Moreover, the variety of sound amongst their albums allows people to find their own sounds within the Coldplay sound.Touching lives, feeding souls, the band has reached its pinnacle to be known as a band of incredible depth, with storytellers for musicians who use music as a medium to tell tales. It would be safe to say that like the stories we remember, Coldplay has become a story that was said to us by our grandparents that we’d want to narrate as grandparents to keep the light burning bright.coldplay1

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