Cloned Gadgets

cloned gadgets
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Many of us want to buy flagship products at dirt cheap price, but they come at a hefty price. But, Chinese manufacture always managed to clone the latest flagship products. In Fact, it is so perfect that even we can’t differentiate between original and fake products. Here are the top 5 best-cloned gadgets of all time.

01. Apple iPhone

Everyone wants to own Apple iPhone, but most of them couldn’t afford to own it due to its expensive price tag. iPhone is not only a powerful smartphone but also the status symbol in a country like India. So, once Apple launches its new iPhone, Chinese phone manufacturers quickly replicate and make the exact same copy. The Chinese cloned iPhone is 2-3 times cheaper than the original branded Apple iPhone.

Apple iPhone

02. Nokia 3310

Nokia revived its iconic model – 3310 last year with a new refreshed design and features according to today’s standard. It is one of the low-cost feature phone by Nokia. But, due to its popularity, even Chinese manufacturers can’t spare the renowned Nokia 3310. There are multiple numbers of clones available in the market which looks exactly similar to the original.

Nokia 3310

03. SanDisk Flash Drive

Even SanDisk Cruzer Flash Drive was not spared. They made a fake copy of the Cruzer Flash drive that didn’t work, but it looks exactly like an original flash drive including packaging. It was sold at local market for as low as `50($1). The fake SanDisk flash drive doesn’t even work properly and the one that works offers less than 512MB of storage though it has been sold as 64GB SanDisk Flash Drive.

SanDisk Flash Drive

04. Arduino Uno

One of the most famous singleboard microcontroller kit for building quick prototypes, it is more of a DIY electronics accessible to artists, designers, hobbyists and anyone creating interactive objects. Due to its open-source design, the kit was quickly cloned and sold at a very cheap price. In fact, there was no visible difference left between the fake and the original.

Arduino Uno

05. Mi Band 2

Mi Band 2 is one of the most popular fitness band in India because of its attractive price, but it was always out-of-stock due to its huge demand. Soon, there was a wave of fake Mi Band in the market, and even the fake band sold out quicker than expected.


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