Clicktable Makes Restaurant Reservation a Click Away


Unfortunately, most of us have come across long waiting lines at our favorite restaurants some time or other in our lives; and at times, we have also been politely turned away due to an unavailability of tables. Clicktable Technologies is a Delhi-based start-up, which gives you full assurance that your evenings will no longer end up in waiting for tables at your desired restaurant. Guests will now be able to reserve tables, save money and time, and explore new restaurants in a smooth and hassle-free manner with the mobile app of Clicktable.

Clicktable was born in Delhi NCR early this year; it has started to expand its reach by targeting operations in Banglore and Mumbai. It almost has 150 restaurants merged on its platform in the two metro cities. Currently, Clicktable has over 50,000 active users in the form of happy diners across some 850 restaurants, bars, and lounges in these three cities every month.

How Clicktable came into being

The idea of Clicktable was conceived when the founder, Varun Gupta, was frequently denied a reservation at an award-winning restaurant in South Delhi because of the unavailability of a table. After he realized that the accessibility of a table should be more transparent and nothing like how things roll out in the Indian market, he decided to take the initiatives of making such a technology by himself.

So, Clicktable is a business enterprise of the 33-year-old Varun Gupta.  He believes that the ongoing hunt of a food lover to dine at his/her desired restaurant is never ending. And often, having to wait for a table in order to relish one’s favorite dish just because the restaurant is full ruins a perfect dining experience.

In conclusion, Clicktable is the first ever Indian app built for making online reservations at restaurants. It commits to helping diners by not only making reservations just a click away but by also availing amazing dining offers at the best restaurants in the city. Moreover, the platform offers real-time reservation confirmation at plenty of restaurants.



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