Your very own Clark Kent-like glasses that connect to everything!

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We all know it for a fact that prolonged exposure to the screens may result in permanent eye damage. The blue light waves that emit from our TV screens and computers can especially result in blurred vision, eye fatigue, along with other horrible effects.

We also entirely understand that knowing all this is of no use. Majority jobs these days involve some or the other form of electronics, and we spend plenty of time in making calls on our phones or sending messages on our computers. And if there is absolutely nothing to do, then we just binge watch any of our favorite programs on Netflix or YouTube.

Thankfully, we bring to you the Kick starter project that tries to alleviate the time you spend on screen. It also reduces the harm that is caused to your body due to such injurious rays, without detaching you from the electronic devices that you are using.

Waves Glasses present a brand new pair of glasses, and they are both ocular as well as device-friendly. They fulfill their job very well. As glasses, they lower the effect of screen lights that fall on your eyes. They also transition your eyes to protect them from the harmful UV rays. Also, they easily fit any sort of lenses for any person to use them. Even after all these, as a tech gadget, they can offer you so much more.

These superb glasses can easily connect to any Bluetooth-enabled device to give you hands-free experience every time you are on a go. Here comes the best part, by tapping on the side of these glasses you can imagine yourself to be Cyclops from X-Men (just without the laser eyes, of course). Ultimately, you can answer calls or handle your playlist. You can even ask Siri for its usual assistance. And you can do all of this without ever touching your gadgets.

How these glasses work is that their listening capabilities are generated with the help of the bone conduction technology. This functionality conveys vibrations through your skull bone instead of your eardrums. The technology may seem way too advanced, and it certainly surpasses using the traditional headphones at our ears. Additionally, the equipment also allows you to keep a track of everything going on in your surroundings.

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