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Kids of today are well-versed with the latest in technological advancements. Simultaneously, all the toys are constantly being upgraded as the technology makes it more engaging to users. The point is that today’s kids grew up in an environment where technology has played a major part in shaping the world. That is why we’ve come up with 12 amazing gadgets that with help your kids to learn while they play.

Ultimate Lightning McQueen by Sphero

Price: $299 (₹ 19,999)

Sphero has another amazing product which was another hit: Ultimate Lightning McQueen, based on the animated character of the same name. Ultimate Lightning McQueen is the top of the line racer that’s packed with personality. With animated eyes, an animatronic mouth, and emotive suspension, the experience gets to the next level. This Lightning McQueen also has moving eyes and over 100 different spoken phrases which were recorded by Owen Wilson, the actor who provides the character’s voice in the movies. The device has a USB port on the back which you can use to install downloadable content.


Minions Mip

Price: $60 (₹ 3,999)

WowWee’s MiP robot was a huge success and now they tie-in with the Despicable Me 3 movie, to bring you the very own version shaped like your own Minion. It does the same thing as the other toys available by WowWee, including app-controlled movement and coding tasks, but Turbo Dave can also laugh, cry and even make noisy bottom burps. Hilarious fun for all.


VTech Star Wars Camera Watch

Price: $59 (₹ 3,899)

VTech design’s smartwatches for kids, but the Star Wars Camera Watch was one of the most impressive and beautiful that will surely make kids crave for it. Not only do they have the ability to take snaps and video using a top-mounted lens, with 256MB of built-in storage, VTech also features minigames, voice recording with Star Wars effects, a motion sensor, step counter, and all the time-telling features a kid needs.


NES Classic Edition

Price: $59.99 (₹ 3,999)

Nintendo’s NES Classic Edition console is back. This will bring back the classic retro gaming for your kid or play a bit yourself. The Nintendo NES Classic Edition is priced at INR 3999 ($59.99) in the market. It features 30 classic games, an HDMI output for new TVs and a beautiful nostalgic design.


Anki Cozmo Robot

$179.99 (₹ 11,999)

Kids love’s robot and Cozmo is a tiny robot specially designed to kill you with cuteness and intelligence. The robot uses AI and computer vision to learn and recognize people. It can also interact with its environment and express his own emotion. All the emotion and movement was designed by Pixar animators. The Cozmo robot personality is inspired by the famous movie character Wall-E. Cozmo uses a camera for face recognition to interact with the users. To make it more personal, Cozmo has voice recognition capabilities to remember users voice.


Hero Droid BB-8

Price: $229 (₹ 14,999)

If your kids are the big fan of Star Wars, then probably your kids will definitely love BB-8. It’s a ball-shaped robot which can be controlled by voice commands and smartphones. There are several companies that have come out with their own version BB-8 robots, but Spin Master’s Hero Droid BB-8 stands out from the crowd by responding to a series of voice commands, using sensors to follow you around and looking so much like the real thing.


Teddy Ruxpin

Price: $99.99 (₹ 6,999)

Everyone love’s talking teddy bear. The teddy bear is getting a reboot for the internet age. The new Teddy Ruxpin connects to your smartphone or tablet to download new stories it can tell with its moving mouth and expressive LED eyes. Kids can follow along with the story on their tablets or just listen as Teddy spins a tale. Teddy comes preloaded with three stories, but additional stories can be downloaded with via in-app purchase.


Kano Computer kit

Price: $149 (₹ 9,699)

There are huge numbers of DIY computer kits available these days, but almost everyone has some difficulties while assembling the computer and playing with the system. That’s why, Kano has built a new kit which combines with a Raspberry Pi 3 with a selection of peripherals in an attractive (very orange) colors – along with a selection of stickers to customise it even further. Once the hardware is assembled and running, the open-source Kano OS comes bundled with games and exercises to teach kids how to code, make art, and build apps and games.


Nintendo switch

Price: $499 (₹ 35,990)

Nintendo Switch is a “hybrid” portable console. It’s a tablet-like portable device that needs to drop into the “Nintendo Switch Dock” to play games on a large-screen TV. The Switch uses Joy-Con wireless controllers with all the standard controls as well as motion sensing and highdefinition tactile feedback. The Switch supports online gaming through standard Internet connectivity. The Switch also supports offline games including The Legend of Zelda, Minecraft, Splatoon, Super Mario Odyssey and many other different titles.


POWERUP 3.0 Smartphone Controlled Paper Airplane

Price: $49.99 (₹ 3,399)

Flying a paper plane just got high tech. With PowerUp 3.0, you can easily controlled any paper airplane through your smartphone. Just imagine an ordinary looking paper airplane but attached with a Smart Module. So, all your child need is to build his or her very own paper airplane, attach the PowerUp Module, download the app into his or her smartphone and fly the smart paper airplane. The mobile device acts as the remote controller for the paper airplane. On a full charge, your kid will be flying the PowerUp for up to 10 minutes with an effective radius of 180 feet.


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