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Your Checklist For A Successful CES Visit


What is CES?

If you are a Tech buff, then there are chances that you know about “Consumer Electronic Show” (CES), one of the most sought-after Tech exhibit shows. Held in January each year at the Las Vegas Convention Center, Nevada, United States, the Consumer Electronic Show is an annual trade show organised by the Consumer Technology Association. CES hosts presentations of new products and showcases up-and-coming technologies of the Consumer Electronics industry. In addition to that, the exhibit also holds conferences and events. The first CES was held in New York City in 1967 and saw a strong attendance of 17,500 people and 100 exhibitors.

What You Can’t miss

CES 2018 will be held from the 9th through 12th December and one thing you should definitely expect is a lot of people given the scale at which the exhibit is held. 2018 expects over 170,000 attendees. CES has 3 important “Zones” into which the show is divided namely the Tech West, Tech East and Tech South zones. Planning plays an important role as each zone has simultaneous activities happening such as-

Keynote Address: Keynote addresses are delivered by Global industry leaders or CEOs across big Tech companies on a main stage. Keynote Addresses are open to all CES attendees so make sure to catch the ones you would like to attend by closely following the timing, location and date.

ces show

Following are the speakers for 2018:

  • 8th Dec 2018
    Brian Krzanich– CEO, Intel
  • 9th Dec 2018
    Gary Shapiro– President and CEO, Consumer Technology Association (CTA)
    Jim Hackett– President and CEO, Ford Motor Company
    Richard Yu– CEO, Huawei Consumer Business Group
  • 10th Dec 2018
    John Martin Chairman and CEO, Turner, a Times Warner Co.
    Randy Freer CEO, Hulu

SuperSessions: SuperSessions feature emerging, up-and-coming companies and senior executives on a premier stage. SuperSessions are open to all CES attendees.

Track: A track is comprised of sessions that narrow in on a topic or emerging trend.

C Space: All matters concerning entertainment are incorporated into one section called C Space, a focused program for the advertising, content, entertainment and marketing industries.

What You Need to Do at CES?

Watch out for Booths by:

Launch announcements by Samsung, LG, Honor, ZTE, Asus, TC, Qualcomm, Google, booths of Sony, Dell, Acer, Hp Razer, Toshiba, automobile booths of car manufacturers Fisker, Tesla, Hyundai, Toyota, wearables, robots and hundreds of others. A lot many brands take the opportunity to launch new products at CES by holding presentations at their booths thus increasing the scope of the reach of the new product and news.

Attend conferences:

CES has on-going conferences during its course of 4 days and if you search well, you can come across many interesting ones which are crisp and encompass very diverse topics. However, be cautious to divide your time well because of the overlapping timings and distance of the locations from one another. You can also refer to a whole comprehensive list of conferences taking place across the 4 days.

ces conference

Keep in Mind

You can make your own personalised CES game plan with the help of a tool on the website that requires you to make an account and find exhibitors, keynotes, and add conference sessions filtered by location to create the visit you most wanted to have. It also allows you to make individual reservations for hotels and prepare a personal showplan with planning and logistics. You can also conduct a search according to the name of the speaker or company that you wish to attend.

CES also provides transportation options to reach the venue such as Shuttle, Monorail, Taxi, Airport shuttles and Ridesharing with Uber/Lyft.

The number of people coming to attend the exhibit from all around the world is massive and so even a simple process might take longer. Thus, CES enables you to avoid time wastage by fastening processes by helping you collect your CES badges at the hotel or at the airport.

You must take heed of the timings of the exhibit for each day. The CES 2018 show floor hours will be as follow:

  • Tuesday, January 9: 9 AM-6 PM
  • Wednesday, January 10: 9 AM-6 PM
  • Thursday, January 11: 9 AM-6 PM
  • Friday, January 12: 9 AM-4.30 PM

And, very importantly, make sure you carry your walking shoes to CES!


Exhibit, like every year, would be walking the show to give you live, exclusive updates about the best at the show so stay tuned to our channel and catch all the action!

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