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The Celebs who made a TECH BUY

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What would a rich person do, when you have filthy amount to splurge? So much cash, that you could probably get anything or flood your swimming pool with money rather than water. Celebrities, as we all know are usually known for their hot selling albums, sports playing abilities, red carpet appearances, clothes they wear, grabbing headlines on the front page and are always on the radar. It would be unbelievable to accept the fact if any celebs walk up to you and say that they don’t own a tech substance in their cabinet or garage. It comes to us as no surprise that stars aren’t just spending money on Hollywood mansions, private yachts, carter planes but they’re also investing millions of dollars on tech startup companies. Maybe, one-night economics gave them a nightmare in their dreams or finance hit their head with thunder, hence the initiation to invest. Technology isn’t a bad idea since it is evolving at a pace faster than light, we suppose. It’s more like catch me if you can or in practical terms try to get a hold of the lightning bolt when he is sprinting. Let’s roll the camera, put on the lights and get started with the action to where all the business is happening.1. LADY GAGAThe queen of pop music, the first celebrity to reach 20 million followers on Twitter has invested in a startup Backplane backed by Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt and has her own social network Little Monsters. She is also a creative director for Polaroid. 2. LEONARDO DICAPRIODiCaprio led a $4 million investment round in Mobli, a Tel Aviv-based photo sharing app maker. DiCaprio came on as an adviser to assist with branding and marketing, as well as to help the company gain access to other celebrities, Venture. Later, more forces came from stars like Actor Tobey Maguire and athletes such as Lance Armstrong and Serena Williams who also invested in the company. Mobli, however, has yet to mount a major challenge to its popular competitor, Instagram and now Prisma. 3. JARED LETOOur very own Joker, from Suicide Squad has already made more than 40 investments in companies like Blue Bottle Coffee, HR software company Zenefitsand video streaming app Meerkat. Leto has said that his best investment, both creatively and financially, was in Internet of Things company Nest Labs, which Google acquired for $3.2 billion in 2014. 4. JUSTIN TIMBERLAKEJustin, invested in Stipple, a site that allows photographers to sell their images and Miso Media, a website devoted to revolutionizing music education through technology like apps and interactive programs. This doesn’t end here as Timberlake has been a large part of MySpace’s rebirth after taking a blow when Facebook got hot. 5. WILL FERRELLFounded by Ferrell’s production company, Gary Sanchez Productions, Funny or Die has brought us some of the funniest skits we’ve seen on TV or the Internet. Don’t be stunned as Will, himself, is a stand-up comedian. Funny or Die has been standing tall because of the funding provided by HBO, Sequoia Capital and SV Angel. 6. JESSICA ALBAJessica Alba is one of the rarest mom in the game. Not only does she have the looks, but her maternal skills are up there, too. In fact, she went as far as to start her very own line of non-toxic diapers and cleaning products that she was inspired to make after having her two children. Honest Company is a specialty service that delivers these baby-safe items to your doorstep every month. Good job Mommy! Maybe, you don’t need a nanny or a maid, after all. 7. BONOU2 lead singer Bono co-founded Elevation Partners in 2004, a venture firm that focuses on media, entertainment and technology companies and manages $1.9 billion in assets. The firm’s highestprofile investment came in 2010, when it bought $120 million in Facebook stock, giving it a 1.5 percent stake in the social media company. After Facebook’s IPO in 2012, the firm sold 11.5 percent of its shares, netting Bono an estimated $10 million. Damn! Bono you should pursue yourself to the Wall street and get into stocks. 8. TYRA BANKSTyra Banks the American business woman and Fashion Icon has invested in an android app Locket that brings engaging content to the lock screen with which the user can interact. Watch out Models from America Next Top Model, Tyra may just lock you in with the help of an app. 9. ELLEN DEGENERESThe lady who dons multiple hats of a comedian, director, producer and philanthropist backs a gaming company Sojo Studios and Stamped, a mobile app started by exGoogle employees. 10. ASHTON KUTCHERKutcher invested an undisclosed amount in Skype, which Microsoft bought for $8.6 billion two years later. Through his venture capital, Fund A-Grade Investments, Kutcher and his co-founders Guy Oseary and Ron Burkle have invested in more than two dozen companies including mattress maker Casper, car sharing service Get around and e-commerce company Fab. Furthermore, he also formed Sound Ventures with Oseary, who also is Madonna’s manager. Maybe, the Two and Half guy actually buy and sells as he portrays himself to be on the soap. Trust me, he is heavy in the tech world. 11. RYAN SEACRESTRyan, being the CoFounder of Typo, a keyboard device for iPhones, invested as heavily as $1million. 12. MAGIC JOHNSONMagic Johnson is a titan in the game when it comes to serial entrepreneurship and investing. He is a guy who has started specialty dropout schools throughout the country and owns stake in the Los Angeles Dodgers. Now he’s turning his attention to Detroit Venture Partners. It’s essentially an online shark tank (similar to Kickstarter) where people with businesses can acquire funding. This firm has invested in groups like Stylecaster, Sociocast and FLUD News. Come on Johnson! It’s time to cast your magic tech spell. 13. EDWARD NORTONNorton was backing Crowdrise, a site that allows people to start their very own fundraisers for an array of causes and also display their growth and development of their philanthropic work. Great job Edward! 14. NASThe New York born rapper and actor, has invested in over 40 startups including Coinbase, Rap Genius and DeviantART. Nas, also contributed to a Series A funding round of $16 million for Robinhood, which utilizes the idea that tech-drive brokerage can operate much more efficiently with fellow investors Jared Leto and Snoop Dogg. 15. JUSTIN BIEBERThe teenage pop Justin Bieber is also a tech geek. At a tender age, he has made some of the big investment decisions, by investing in Spotify,TinyChat, Stamped and Shots. Bieber teamed up with boxing heavyweight champion Floyd Mayweather and other investors to help a $2.7m seed funding round in 2013. 

This list is surprisingly long and can fill more pages than you can ever imagine. We have flipped the script, highlighting a number of tech startups that were founded or heavily backed up by the glitterati. Come on Paparazzi, where art thou now? The trend making rounds, right now,is in the Silicon Valley, where celebs are investiong heavily in strartups when not penning songs and movies. Tech-startup are taking the world by storm and many tech-savvy celebs have invested a considerable share in them. And when a celeb slap or stamp their faces all over the brand, then it makes quite an impact and wheels set to roll like a driverless car. One is thing is for sure, moms have to be happy that their kids are not lavishing spending their money, rather utilizing it on some tech investments.

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