Can You Safely Access the Dark Web?

Dark Web
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You can learn how to access the deep web in this step-by-step guide to darkest corner of the World Wide Web.

The Deep Web is not so difficult to find. With the right programs and strong guts, anyone can find and browse the dark web. Just beneath the surface of the clear web— which includes the sites that we visit every day with popular search engines—are black hat hackers, human and drug traffickers, black markets stocked with stolen credit card information, and much more.

The deep web refers specifically to those websites that hide their IP addresses. Such websites can only be accessed using certain encryption-friendly tools like The Onion Router. Also known as TOR, The Onion Router is an open source project, which is well-known for developing a Firefox-fork web browser. This router is pre-loaded with a lot of hard-coded security and encryption improvements. TOR lets people confuse their browsing activity by shuffling a user’s IP address with the help of a secure and distributed network.

Tor: Your Dark Web Journey

The modern Dark Web’s infamous standing is well-accomplished. It goes without saying that the deep internet is extremely precarious. Various encrypted websites have existed for years now; however, the deep internet only found its way to mainstream prominence with the Silk Road, which is the now-extinct “Amazon for Drugs.” YouTube is packed with dark net’s horror stories. Consequently, the Hidden Wiki acts as a doorway to the criminal underground.

There are also plenty of legit reasons why people would like to access the Dark Internet. The United Nations, CIA and FBI make use of the dark internet to monitor terror groups and keep an eye on illegal parvenus. IT corporate departments often crawl to the deep net to search stolen corporate credit card information and various other accounts.

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