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What all can you buy on the Dark web

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We bring to you a list of astounding goods and services available on sale on the dark web. The deep web is a massive unexplored portion of the internet. The popular, customary search engines are unable to find it, because the place is like the huge throng under the tip of an iceberg. The idea was originally created by the US government for the exchange of only classified information. However today, the dark web has become an uncontrolled marketplace. Any person can buy almost anything from here as far as they are able to download the correct software and have a few bitcoins to spare.

So what do you actually get on the deep web? Well, it offers a lot of stuff such as the ancient or unreachable commercial intranets. Apart from this, deep web consists of a lot of other stuff, especially anything and everything that people don’t want you to access. Hardcore pornography, repulsively unspeakable videos, hacked credit cards, industrial equipment, drugs, guns, (seriously, don’t watch any video on the deep web), and any other haphazard bizarre stuff, you name it! And all this only competes for space and bitcoins in this mega online open market. Simply put, it is like eBay with terrorist arms expo coupled with your worst nightmares.

If you wish to save a horrifying tour to this strange and bizarre place, then worry not! Our list here will save you this mess. We will take you on a swift guided tour of shocking things available on the black markets of the deep web. Here is an idea of the odd and, at times, maddening things that you can buy on the dark side of the web.

1. Fake Passports

There is a dark website called “Fake Documents Service.” This site alleges to sell all the stolen passwords and documentation from virtually any nation. It also includes US passports for a sum of around a thousand dollars. No wonder, fake papers and documents are a sort of staple of the normal web, too, so the sham for dark web isn’t entirely necessary.

2. Weed

Try this out yourself. Type “How to buy weed on the Deep Web,” and your standard search engine will bring up nearly a million hits on your PC. Similarly every bit and piece of marijuana is easily accessible on the dark web with little or no effort.

3. Writing on a Woman’s Breasts

Yes this is wacky; a dark website named Black Ban provides the services of a gorgeous woman, who would allow you to “write on her boobs anything,” for the meager, meager price of just 20 bucks!

4. Fake College Degrees

Any which ways, it is super simple to find fake college degrees online. Therefore, it is still unknown why anyone would bother going to the Dark Web to buy such a thing, even if it is just a high-class college degree. Yet, they’re still out there, existing and waiting for you to frame and mount on your wall.

5. Anything that a Random Guy Can Make with a 3D Printer

Investigative media has found a guy selling about anything and everything that his 3D printer can manufacture. He made anything and everything from guns to credit card skimmers.

6. Child Spirits

It seems that ghosts and the spirits of the dead children can also be purchased on the dark web. It appears difficult for people to put a dollar—uh, bitcoin—value on the souls of the deceased children.

7. A Hitman

Let’s pray that you never be in a situation to ever need the services of a contract killer. But if ever you do, the dark web is there to help you out with it. Several sorts of assassins and assassin groups provide their murderous wares at the dark web locations such as the Assassination Market. However, we can’t know for sure whether they are actual trained shooters, or they are just some naughty kids who are trying to pull your leg.

8. All Sorts of Drugs

Drugs are to the dark web what McDonald’s is to a fat kid. Even after shutting down the Silk Road, which is one of the dark web’s biggest drug markets, you can still purchase 99% of pure cocaine, black tar heroin, ecstasy, raw opium, and various different pain killers here. This market produces massive bitcoin profits, along with a lot of work for Afghan poppy growers.

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