Booming in Stereo – Trendwoo BT Twin Speakers

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Rating: 70/100 Price: ₹ 5,500/-

How does it feel out of the box?

Inside a neatly packaged box, the Twins from Trendwoo are compact speakers meant to be used on their own or as a pair. Their slanting top and curved edges design might look modern, but are made so because they can be put on top of the other to make a single larger speaker. You also get an AUX cable as well as a charging USB to microUSB cable in the box.

How does it perform?

Charge it up, power it on and you’re ready to use the Twins. Of course, they both need to be charged on their own, which can be quite annoying. But if you don’t want stereo sound, just work with one. Connecting via AUX and Bluetooth is as easy with any set of speakers, though the included AUX cable is pretty small. Sound output from the 3W (mono) and 6W (stereo) was warm, room-filling and had good amount of detail. Bass was muddy for certain R&B tracks, but if you prefer Bollywood music then these are a great choice.

What’s so special?

They are lightweight and can be carried around easily, but their square prism design makes them unfit for pocketing in your jeans. Also, the stereo effects are enjoyed much more in Bluetooth, because only then can they be placed at a good distance away from each other.

What is the Verdict?

trendwooI wish the manufacturers had kept the light blinking consistent for BT and AUX connection, but it blinks a whole lot more in AUX. The battery life solely on Bluetooth was consistenly good at around 5 hrs and it also supports handsfree if connected to your phone. Though the sound is crisp and loud for most rooms, the bass performance puts a dampener on the fun.PROS

  • Good design
  • Excellent highs, balanced output
  • Great for acoustic, Bollywood music


  • Muddy bass output
  • Included AUX cable is pretty small


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