• Andy Zondervan
    Andy Zondervan CEO and Co-Founder, RightShare (Netherlands)
  • Pascal Haider
    Pascal Haider COO, RIX Group (Austria)
  • Alex Bausch
    Alex Bausch Managing Partner, TuriQ
  • Maxim Morozov
    Maxim Morozov Key Account Manager and Investor Relations
  • Denis Lafont-Trévisan
    Denis Lafont-Trévisan Growth Hacker, Talao
  • Ed Lobbet
    Ed Lobbet COO, Acorn Collective (UK)
  • Ryan Hanley
    Ryan Hanley VP Business Development, TokenMarket
  • Girish Bajaj
    Girish Bajaj CEO, GB Blockchainer
  • Ramesh Somani
    Ramesh Somani CEO, Exhibit
  • Jody Cleworth
    Jody Cleworth CEO at Marine Transport International
  • Aankit Kumar Jain (CA)
    Aankit Kumar Jain (CA) ICO Advisor & Cryptocurrency Exchange Consultant

Conference Agenda

09.00 – 10.00 Registration and Coffee
10.00 – 10.20 Developing Blockchain ecosystems globally
Nils Veenstra
Director, BECON (Ireland)
10.20 – 11.00 Blockchange: How Blockchain disrupts the way we do business
Alex Bausch
Managing Partner at Turiq
11.00 – 11.30  An Indian perspective on blockchain
Ramesh Somani
CEO, Exhibit
11.30 – 12.00  ICOs – the serious Disrupters
Girish Bajaj
CEO, GB Blockchainer

Been in the Financial Services sector for over 17 years, Girish Bajaj comes with an experience and expertise in Equity Markets, Mutual Funds, Forex, Insurance and Real Estate verticals. He believes that to be competitive in this dynamic technology-driven global economy and commerce, it is critical to have knowledge about the cutting edge Blockchain technology which does not require specialized training. According to him, Blockchain technology with Cryptocurrencies and ICO’s are very innovative and strategic for your vision.
He has also developed educative solutions on Blockchain technology and Blockchain for Wealth Management, for a Student to a CEO, including Risk Management, which is essential and has provided research on Blockchains and ICO’s.

12.00 – 12.15 The Future of Crowdfunding
Ed Lobbet
COO, Acorn Collective (UK)
The Acorn Collective is using blockchain to help founders and startups access funding. We provide crowdfunding that is accessible, transparent and more likely to succeed.
Crowdfunding is a huge and growing market in the West and a largely untapped market in most developing countries. We are changing this by creating an innovative platform which promotes access for backers and founders globally.
Our integrated token-based Acorn ecosystem encourages engagement throughout the crowdfunding journey from the initial raise to project delivery. We use targeted data that guides founders to make the right campaign decisions and match projects with backers that want to support them.
12.15 – 13.00 The State of Token Sales
Ryan Hanley
VP Business Development at TokenMarket
With over $370m raised by clients utilising their Turnkey platform and advisory services, TokenMarket are one of the most progressive leaders in the ICO space.
Ryan will round up the rapidly evolving market in 2017, providing key data points and insight on how 2018 will develop for ICOs, the impact of regulations, new considerations for investors and broader developments set to impact this exciting space.
13.00 – 14.00 Lunch break
14.00 – 14.15 Blockchain and the Luxury Yacht market
Hosted by:
Alex Bausch
Managing Partner at Turiq
14.15 – 14.30 Blockchain and Supply Chain
Jody Cleworth
CEO at Marine Transport International

14.30 – 14.45 Blockchain and the Quick Service Restaurant industry
Pascal Haider
COO, RIX Group (Austria)
Garfield, the funny, hungry, mischievous and most popular cat walking into people’s lives for over 40 years. The Garfield strip has now more than 243 million global readers daily and has built an active twenty million friends and followers on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, and Instagram. GarfieldEATS is the World 1st Garfield Quick Mobile Restaurant (QMR). This sustainable, fun and delivery future franchise formula has launched in Dubai, as the first out of many more cities to follow. It delivers some of Garfield’s favourite, delicious and craving recipes – pizza, lasagna, coffee and popcake desserts.
14.45 – 15.00 Blockchain and Music
Andy Zondervan
CEO and Co-Founder, RightShare (Netherlands)
With global revenues of more than 7 billion US$ in 2016, Electronic Dance Music (EDM) is the soundtrack of the digital revolution. The aim of the ICO is to build  a platform to introduce and accelerate a seamless rights licensing and settlement procedure with EDM as the launching party. Backed by DJ Hardwell, twice chosen as the world’s best DJ and Blackhole Recordings with 100 labels and 70 DJs.
With the deployment of their Container Streams system in a supply chain environment, MTI (based in the UK and the USA) demonstrates that the logistics industry will see improved connectivity, efficiency and security thanks to blockchain. The ICO connects supplier, shipper, load point, customs and terminal on a shared blockchain ledger, with far reaching consequences for the logistics industry as it seeks new ways to improve security and profitability. The project also comprises Port of Rotterdam, Port of Hull, TransdocLink, Samskip, BlockLab (Rotterdam) and various universities.
Kind of an AIRBNB solution for the luxury yacht market. Besailor is an existing Luxury Charter platform offering full platform services (based on IoT and Blockchain) to boat owners to maximise the return on their investment.
More than 500 luxury yachts are available in harbours such as Barcelona, Marbella, Mallorca, Ibiza and Valencia.
15.00 – 15.20 Meet the ICOs
Throughout the conference we will give the stage to some pioneering blockchain projects from all over the world. The common thread is that all the presenting companies and persons have decided to raise working capital by launching a token crowd sale (also known as an ICO or TGE). The aim of this session is to gain a deeper understanding of what type of applications are coming on the market, as well as give investors more information about crypto investment opportunities.
Maxim Morozov
Key Account Manager and Investor Relations
System Bit Consulting is an automated platform for ICO preparation developed specifically for the needs of startups and SMEs. SBC aims at assisting businesses to launch an ICO of the highest standard and cut the unnecessary expences.
Nicolas Muller
CEO, Talao
Talao is the first public Ethereum-based decentralized and autonomous platform dedicated to talent. It gives talent access to a huge panel of companies asking for their expertise, enables them to benefit from smart contract-based payments, and allows them to build a strong community-based reputation, thereby disrupting the traditional working industry by eliminating its middlemen.
15.20 – 15.35 Blockchain & Accounting/Blockchain & Auditing
CA Aankit Kumar Jain
ICO Advisor & Cryptocurrency Exchange Consultant

15.35 – 16.15 Closing Panel: Lesson learned today
Nils Veenstra
Director, BECON (Ireland)
Ryan Hanley
VP Business Development at TokenMarket
Alex Bausch
Managing Partner at Turiq
Ramesh Somani
CEO, Exhibit
16.15 – 17.00 Network Reception
17.00 – 20.00 Blockchain after party


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