Blackberry Lost In “SPACE”

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There was a time when RIM manufacture phones targeted towards business professional. Back then, BlackBerry was originally known as Research In Motion or RIM. BlackBerry devices were top in their class because they provided small Qwerty keyboards that made it easier to fire off emails and instant messages. But with the arrival of Apple and touchscreen technology, it made the keyboards go obsolete. The iPhone did what BlackBerry had failed to do – impressed the consumer, and not concentrate on just the professional. The company rebranded itself to BlackBerry from RIM and` also invested largely on a new operating system that failed. As of now, BlackBerry is struggling to rebuild itself. While Google and Apple are successful and growing, it is difficult to explain this epic fail.

BlackBerry declared that they no longer be making phones, instead, they will be focusing more on software development including security and applications. The company has outsourced hardware development to TCL to manufacture devices under the BlackBerry brand.

Why did it fail?

  • In the late 2000s, BlackBerry designed smartphones exclusively for business professionals, forcing consumers/fans to choose keyboard based devices in the touchscreen era.
  • Shortly after the release of the first iPhone, BlackBerry partnered with Verizon to create a touchscreen ‘iPhone killer’. But the result was a disaster.
  • BlackBerry invested largely on a BB10 operating system instead of going with a wellsettled Android operating system. BlackBerry failed to lure developers to port their app to the BB10 platform.

With the arrival of Apple iPhone, BlackBerry should have designed touchscreen smartphones along with the new operating system and offering support to the developers.


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