BlackBerry Classic : A class apart only for BB boys

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We all have owned at least one BlackBerry in our lifetime and I am sure we have loved it. But, for the last couple of years BlackBerry has been constantly losing its market share to other brands due its overvalued products. The latest in the addition is the BlackBerry classic which the nostalgic customer will surely embrace. BlackBerry is respected for its QWERTY keypad and excellent business functionalities. On the Classic, you will love the QWERTY keypad, the longer battery life and the faster browser. Plus, it sports the standard look that was a great success with previous models. I also liked the new notification panel which provided great means of navigation directly to the app in just a few taps.

What you wouldn\’t like on the phone is the sound quality, the way images are rendered on your screen and the ordinary specs. The front and rear cameras are half decent and the multitasking doesn\’t seem to impress much. Nowadays, smartphones aren\’t just the means to send E-mails, post on Facebook and Twitter or work on spreadsheets; they are a complete infotainment package. They need to click better, sound better and also look
better. I suppose, BlackBerry is a little intimidatedto think out of the box after the response received
by Passport.

Verdict :
If you are an absolute BlackBerry fan, you might just love the new Classic. For rest of you customers out there-it\’s a 31,990 worth of risk you must take to realize that BlackBerry as a brand is extremely authentic and trustworthy. The Classic is a decent smartphone, nothing extraordinary, but they have their share of loyal customers that have a calling for the BB devices and they know what they are doing. The Blackberry Classic provides simplicity and class with normal specifications.

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