Best of CES 2018

Best of CES 2018
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Technology is no longer an expertise or area of geeks who hid behind their laptops and computers coding all day. It is that accessible master tool disposable to Regular Joes as well that has now come to penetrate even the minutest to minute of our activities and needs. There is a product/service for everything, and CES is where you are sure to find them all.

CTA’s CES, the biggest tech show in the world, is older than time (well, at least the tech times). It has, year after year, managed to live up to rising expectations of tech-heads who await their annual tech summation and forecast.

As we walked the show at the 51st edition of CES, we stumbled upon a treasure of technology and shared dreams of a technologically supreme tomorrow with like-minded tech early-adopters and thought-leaders who dream of a more convenient and smarter tomorrow.

CES is THE platform for big and small brands, both to make launch announcements. The number of visitors and exhibitors should thus definitely not come as a surprise to you. CES has evolved and expanded over the years and over the last few years, has come to include the Startup Eureka park into its family. It is also the frontrunner when it comes to putting the word out about new technology be it wearables, VR, AR or even a new consumer gadget.

Exhibit’s association with CES has been a long, enriching one and by covering the show each year since, we have witnessed an unbelievable change in the way we use technology now. Our 2018 tech trip to Vegas was eventful just like each year; we chatted up with the man behind it all, Mr Gary Shapiro, CEO- CTA, witnessed power-packed keynotes in admiration, and shared drinks for good times at the CES dinner for leaders.

But mostly, we marvelled at all the new tech ready to enthral the world of tomorrow. As always we came back with a suitcase full of new tech and a head full of new innovations. To look at the best CES in a glimpse, take a look at some of our best picks here.

Vivo In-screen Fingerprint scanner

Vivo becomes the first smartphone manufacturer that showcased their smartphone with under-glass fingerprint sensors. It was possible with the help of sensor company Synaptics. As the bezel of the smartphone shrinks, the fingerprint sensor needs a go somewhere else. Some companies have opted to move towards the back while Apple decided to remove Fingerprint sensor(Touch ID) for FaceID.

Vivo In-screen Fingerprint scanner

Razer’s Project Linda

Every year Razer at CES demoed something out-of-the-box. This time with Project Linda – a smartphone that can be doubled as your laptop. The company’s newly released Razer Phone find a sweet spot to settle in where space usually occupied with the touchpad on a laptop shell. It uses USB Type-C to connect the monitor, keyboard and hard-drive. Project Linda is meant to bridge the gap between laptop and smartphones, at a reduced cost.

Razer’s Project Linda

LG 65-inch rollable OLED TV

LG is one of the biggest OLED panel manufacturer showed off world’s first 65-inch 4K OLED display that can be rolled up to hide away when not in use. The secret, as usual, its the paper thin organic light emitting diode(OLED) display. The display can be rolled up and down using a remote control. Technically, the rolled up part is hidden inside a box which looks like a typical soundbar.

LG 65-inch OLED TV


Huawei Mate 10 Pro

Huawei Mate 10 Pro is the company’s latest flagship and first to feature Kirin 970 processor a unique chipset with a dedicated Neural Network Processing Unit (NPU). It enhances key features of the device, like battery life and camera performance. Talking about specs, the Mate 10 Pro features a 6-inch OLED display with 18:9 ratio, 6GB RAM and 128GB internal storage. The dual Leica-branded camera setup (20MP Mono + 12MP RGB, both offer’s f/1.6 aperture and OIS), 8MP front camera, 4000mAh battery and the latest Android 8.0 Oreo under EMUI 8.0.

Huawei Mate 10 Pro

Lenovo smart Display

Lenovo’s new Smart Display looks similar to Amazon Echo Show but with more sleek and attractive design. Unlike Amazon’s Alexa, the Smart Display comes with Google Assistant. Lenovo’s Smart Display comes in 8-inch and 10-inch Smart Displays. Like Amazon’s touchscreen Echo Show, the Smart Display lacks touch functionality but can be controlled by voice.

Lenovo smart Display

Intel G-series processors

Intel and AMD joined hands to release the new Intel 8th generation Core CPUs that comes with integrated Radeon RX Vega M graphics. This will allow laptop manufacturer’s to shrink down the size and weight of the laptop without compromising on the computing power. This new chip can probably bring a new range of light-weight powerful gaming device in near future.

Intel G-series processors

Samsung The Wall Modular MicroLED TV

In the race to release the largest television panel, Samsung eliminates its rival with a massive 146-inch 4K modular MicroLED TV. Samsung’s new modular panel TV can be uniquely configured to any size or shape, no matter how big your wall is. The MicroLED technology dedicates an individual light-emitting diode to each pixel, removing the need for a backlight. This result in super solid blacks and sharply-defined contrast ratios.

Samsung The Wall Modular Micro LED TV

HTC Vive Pro

HTC introduced an upgraded model of the Vive VR system during CES 2018. It has 78-percent more pixels, high-quality audio and improved comfort thanks to a new sizing dial on the head strap. It has Dual facing cameras and dual microphones for noise isolation. Also, it can also cover a larger area of 10 x 10 meters with a new upgraded sensor.  Oh, and a new peripheral also make it wireless, eliminating all those cords you almost trip over every time you make a move.

Sennheiser HD 820

The Sennheiser HD 820 is an upgraded version of the 800 S, adding a isolation between the music and the background environment. The HD 820 feature Corning Gorilla Glass outside of the cups to reflect escaping sound backwards. Sennheiser has taken an exotic approach to crafting a closed HD 820.


Dell XPS 13

The Dell XPS 13 offers an elegant design and a nearly edge-to-edge screen which makes one of our favourite Windows Laptop. But the newest version, which Dell unveiled at CES, brings some notable enhancements. And considering this laptop starts at under $1,000, the feature set is impressive, with an 8th-generation quad-core processor, three USB C ports, a microSD slot and a 20-hour battery life.



Sony Xperia Ear

The Xperia Ear is the latest product from Sony. They have been successful in developing headphones that let you listen to music without blocking sound from the world around you. Other brands use mic to replicate outside sound, but Sony found an innovative low-tech approach by making a giant hole into the earbuds.


Sony 4K Ultra Throw Projector (LSPX-A1)

The Sony 4K Ultra Short Throw Projector (LSPX-A1) is aimed at the highest segment of the market and will cost a hefty $30,000 at the time of launches. It’s a Short Throw Projector which meant to sit 9.6 inches away from the wall onto which you’ll be projecting a 4K image that can stretch up to 120 inches. The Projector also houses a Glass Sound Speaker with 360° sound for best possible home theatre experience without the need for any additional equipment.


Sony Xperia XA2 Ultra

Sony announced a few new devices during an event at CES. In which, Sony Xperia XA2 Ultra is the most premium phones among them. Xperia XA2 Ultra follows up on last year’s XA Ultra with notable design changes. Though it looks boxy like most of the Sony phones but the Xperia XA2 ultra has a curved back that does gives a premium feel. It has two front-facing cameras(16MP + 8MP) to capture the best selfie. Other specs include Qualcomm Snapdragon 630 Soc, 4GB RAM, 32GB or 64GB storage, a 3580 mAh battery, and Android 8.0 out of the box.






Intel CEO Brian Krzanich held a keynote at CES, Las Vegas where they showcased from Intel True VR video to self-driving ‘flying car’ Volocopter. Before unleashing a futuristic show they first addressed the recent security flaws in processors made by it and other chip makers. The patch against Spectre and Meltdown exploits will be arriving by the end of this month. Intel True VR technology is bringing virtual reality to NFL broadcasts. With dozens of 5K high-resolution cameras capturing the live action, the True VR can simultaneously stitch together and make a 3D replication of the event that can be viewed afterwards in replays and by VR viewers. It also announced a powerful new 49 qubit Quantum chip – a step towards “Quantum supremacy”. Krzanich also revealed advances in a Loihi neuromorphic research chip, designed to learn the way a human brain does. Next, he showed off a flying mini car called a Volocopter. To end the show, more than 250 Shooting Star drones designed especially for light show were sent over the fountains of the Bellagio in Las Vegas.




Qualcomm keynote was mainly focused on 5G Mobile innovation. But the biggest debut at Qualcomm Keynote was the Bluetooth Audio System-on-Chip(SoC) to reduce the power consumption and double the processing power with small form factor audio devices like wireless earbuds or headsets.The chip will help reduce the size and improve the battery life of the product. It will also make the product more smart by biometric sensing and voice assistant recognition. There was no product announcement, but they did highlight the importance of mobile computing sector for their businesses. The new SoC coming out later this year 2018 that will be the most powerful mobile processor – Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chip on a variety of new form factor including smartphones, laptops, Internet of Things, smart car, etc.



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