Barsys- Your own tech enabled robot for making bar style cocktails!

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There is literally no avenue devoid of the Tech touch and here’s one interesting product in an upbeat avenue upping the game in promising ways.

Our latest find, “Barsys”, is a fully-automated, tech-enabled robot that makes the process of bar style cocktail making efficient and faster. The cool gadget is designed to act as a tool for bartenders, enabling them to cater to more number of customers. The avant-garde automated system manufacturing company, Barsys LLC, is the brainchild of Akshet Tewari and is currently headquartered in NY with its operations & R&D being conducted from New Delhi.

Barsys’s dispensing technology makes for a good innovation for both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. The system combines robotic hardware with cloud-based software to prepare your favorite cocktail faster than a bartender. As Barsys has been designed to be able to prepare over 2000 cocktails or neat spirit drinks and even customize the drink at that.

A mobile interface based on Android and iOS platform ensures that the customers on different platforms can choose or customize their favorite cocktail. Barsys monitors the consumption patterns, pour quantities, and can notify the user for ingredients if they are running low. The perfect mixed drink is prepared in the click of a button using complex algorithms used in BARSYS with each cocktail requiring a different algorithm.

Barsys works on a very simple mechanism and makes it easier for users by instructing them about the process with the help of lighting that guides through the drink making process and providing information about the quantity of ingredients in each bottle, number of drinks made in a certain period and more. To ensure that the hygiene level is maintained, Barsys comes with an automated Clean-in-Process (CIP) allowing users to clean the dispensing lines by the click of a button.

In all, Barsys proves to be an aesthetically pleasing, attractive and standardized B2B innovation for a large population of less skilled bartenders to bring about an efficient preparation method.

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