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Augmented Reality For Real Estate & Interior Designing

Augmented Reality For Real Estate & Interior Designing
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The progressive technology is unstoppable and we are presented with more and more things that make life efficient and super cool. The current trend in technology is no doubt the augmented reality, but very few people are currently using this for their business purposes. From internet advertising through online listings to virtual tours, augmented reality opens a lot of door for the real estate business. Augmented Reality (AR) is the enhancement of real-world environments by overlaying virtual data, images, and more onto a physical space. Here are a few reasons AR is trending and getting more popular in real estate marketing around the world:

1. Clarity of Product Offering and Services

With the help of AR, it becomes easier to select the property that you want to check out. When you hold up the phone and move it around, it will create a window into the property. This allows you to virtually walk through it and check out all the details, like what colour you want to paint the walls, where you want to place the furniture, etc. You can also explore new properties by just walking down the street by pointing your camera at a house for sale. Furthermore, check prices, sale stats, and contact information.

2. Reaching out to Potential Customers

Reaching out to potential property buyers definitely becomes much easier with all the information about available apartments and houses on sale. You can view the upcoming projects anywhere in a form of an interactive brochure. For this, all you need is a smartphone with an app along with a brochure of the company. Now, you can easily build up your AR portfolio and make all your projects accessible while in a client meeting.

3. Visual Interaction and Engagement of Users

In real estate projects, there is not much information to offer to the customers while it’s limited to 2 dimensions. In augmented reality, clients get to explore new dimensions of the property on sale. The AR app can produce a 3D creation of the property from a 2D picture. You can see it from different angles like the floor layouts and sections of the house that even a camera can’t capture.

4. Increased Mouth Publicity

According to the studies, when customers get interested in a particular property that they saw with VR or AR device, they will apparently talk about it. This way, the customers spread the word around. Furthermore, when a person finds a house or an apartment, they tend to ask the opinion of their friends and family by sharing the listed property through digital media.

5. Return on Investment

With the fast progressing technology, the digital media companies can get statistics about the numbers of people that interact. Not only this, they can also get information on the length of interaction and which direct actions they took, booked properties, purchased, social shares, etc. This gives a clear picture and further helps in analysing what can be changed and what all was appreciated in your designed project.



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