Asus Zenfone Max – Review

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Price : ₹ 9,999 /- Rating : 60/100 

  • How does it feel out of the box?

One word answer would be – Heavy! This year’s Zenfone Max is an update to the Zenfone Max of last year. Physically, they both are almost similar. This year though, Asus has updated the processor from a Snapdragon 410 to a rather yesteryear notorious Snapdragon 615. Users also get the option to choose from 2 or 3GB RAM modules with options to choose from bright orange or blue coloured backs. At 202 grams, the phone does feel sufficiently tangible in hand and pockets.

  • What am I getting for the price?

At this price, there are several other phones that offer a lot more than just a massive battery. Priced similar to the earlier Zenfone Max, this year’s phone offers slightly better performance and 32GB in-built memory. The phone features a 5.5” HD (720p) IPS Display and is well built with plastic that mimics metal. Weirdly enough, Asus has given the fingerprint scanner a miss. Powered by Zen UI running on Android Marshmallow 6.0.1, the device comes loaded with Asus apps. There are several connectivity options from Dual SIMs both supporting 4G LTE, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth v4.0 and GPS GLONASS. to feature a USB type C port to support fast charging as the battery life isn’t that great. It did have its lows, but it is a good notebook for official and personal purpose under that price range.Asus Zenfone Max - Review

  • How does it perform?

While the Snapdragon 615 does add to the perform figures, it also brings along the issues faced by Snapdragon 615 SOC. Throw any game or app and the SOC is capable enough to run it smooth, but use it extensively and you will face lags even while navigating UI. Although bright and saturated, the HD Display does fall short when it comes to extreme viewing angles. Network coverage was never an issue but talking on the earpiece was a strenuous task. When in a crowd, the other person was barely audible and that was an annoyance. What was noteworthy though was its stellar battery life. The 13MP rear and 5MP front do their jobs well and that is about it. There are several modes one can choose from, but images always lacked finesse expected at this price point.

  • What’s so special?

The 5000mAh battery unit on the phone was amazing and lasted me 1.5 days with ease. I am a heavy user and usually kill 3000mAh battery unit phones in less than 18 hours! While this does add to the bulk of the phone, the battery made the Zenfone Max my weapon of choice when trekking on weekends.

  • What’S your final take?

The Zenfone Max improves over its predecessor with a slightly better SOC and options to choose an extra gig of RAM. It still offers the stellar battery life that it stood for but what Asus fails to understand is that it’s 2016 and consumer expectations are skyrocketing! At the price, it competes with phones that perform much better and offer similar battery life. Let’s hope the next iteration is well thought of. 


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