Asus Zenfone Max Pro – A Step Ahead

Asus Zenfone Max Pro

The smartphone market is crowded with budget phones that are launched at every dawn. Another addition to the smartphone market by the the prominent Asus family is the Asus Zenfone Max Pro 1. The new Zenfone was launched on 23rd April 2018 and with its exclusive partnership with FLIPKART, the Max Pro 1 is only available on sale from 10th May on  the popular e-commerce website across the country.


The phone has a tall aluminium body with thin bezels and a fingerprint sensor on the back. It is heavier and bulky to use despite weighing only 180 grams. The smooth surface of the phone looks elegant but makes it slippery and the fingerprints  smudges stay back. The speaker of the phone is placed besides the charging port.It also has hybrid sim plate which provides a separate MicroSd slot along with the two slots for Dual sim cards which is another plus point as most of the smartphones don’t provide this option.Asus has played safe by making sure it is good looking with its sophisticated design but failed to  introduce anything exciting.


Asus has left no stone unturned when it comes to the Max Pro display. The display is clean, crisp and the colours are equally bright. It also has a night mode which is very convenient to use.  The 6-inch screen offers a resolution of 2,160×1,080p and 18:9 aspect ratio which is very common but the bright colours and the sunlight visibility gives the smartphone an edge when compared to its rivals.

Asus Zenfone Max Pro featured


The max pro has  the latest stock Android Oreo 8.1 right out of the box which is exactly what sets the Pro 1 apart from its competitors. It is powered by the Qualcomm’s powerful Snapdragon 636 octa-core processor because of which the phone runs smoothly and does not heat up after  using it vigorously for a long time. The interface of the new Android Oreo 8.1 is very impressive and smooth. All the new features of the Android 8.1 were already implemented and enhanced the usage of the Pro 1 which again gives it a lead when compared to other smartphones in the market.


The camera of the Asus Zenfone is the drawback of the phone. Unlike other phones in the same price range which provide a better camera, Asus lags in this segment. The camera is slow  and the bokeh mode of the camera is also not impressive. The snapdragon camera is difficult to use.

Battery life

The battery life is impressive and lives up to its promise. The smartphones in the Max line of the Asus smartphone are known for their battery and the Max PRO was designed to be a smartphone which was targeted at battery. The battery lasts for a long time but despite the rapid charging option it takes as much time as the other smartphones of the same battery power take.


The maxbox was a highly anticipated feature by ASUS to boost the audio of the phone. But it turned out to be a ploy. The Maxbox is made out of cardboard  and does not live upto the mark of being an extraordinary addition to the smartphone. One cannot use it in a landscape mode which confines it usage.


Final Verdict: The Asus Zenfone Max Pro was a perfect move by Asus to strengthen their hold in Indian market and give tough competition to its rival  companies like Xiaomi and Oppo in the Indian Market. The Max Pro is almost close to perfection considering the specification it provides in the budget segment. Moreover even the highest variant is priced at Rs,12.999/-  which is cheaper than the Redmi Note pro has successfully captured the attention of all the buyers. Considering the tight competition in the market this is a very good time for consumers, as we are close to acquiring the best of the technology in a budget that could be easily purchased by all.

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