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First Impression : 

Asus Notebook from the Taiwanese guys gets an elegant material form factor, sturdy built, delivers an above average level of gaming. It is most suitable for office and business related work and for that – it gets aces in my book.

– Build and Design :

Asus X555L is an above average Notebook and inherits its design form factor and materials from the X line series. Its smooth and glossy skin on the back and the metallic finish on the keyboard gives contrast in the textures. It\’s slim and slender body design makes it slide harmlessly sweeping and gliding into the Laptop bag as well as fit comfortably well. Its high definition display screen complements the bigger screen size and that is what most of us require for a daily usage. A screen too small or too big is both an inconvenience – this laptop is the perfect average size. Overall design is neat and aesthetically appealing and the keyboard much clicker making it compatible even for through writing. Sound is good enough for speaker output and does not crack up in full volume…unless you double it up in VLC player while listen to an EDM or Hard Rock.

– Performance:

Asus X555L Notebook packs up an Intel Core i5-5200UCPU which is clocked at 2.7GHz running smoothly on Windows 8. It is backed up with 8 GB RAM which lets you run multiple apps and software without much lagging. It\’s 1 TB HDD makes up for enough space to store all your multimedia files from box packed sci-fi movies, kickass Sitcoms-Tv, entire music collection from 50\’s rock to date, and photographs with Full blown HD resolution. Graphics of Nvidia 920M sets it upto a standard enough to play games like Watch Dogs, and it also fits the minimum graphic system requirement to run GTA 5 PC, although, the recommended RAM for PC is 16 GB and this device only gets 8 GB RAM. Running games on this beast can be as smooth and hassle free as a piece of butter tossed on a frying fan. It is a decent fit for designers who need to use high-end software like AutoDesk, Revit, and runs the Adobe PS, Dreamweaver, InDesign etc almost effortlessly and gives no lag whatsoever.

– Verdict :

This Notebook is a perfect match for a person looking for a multi-purpose power house. The performance is kinda good and supports above average gaming. Design aspect is undoubtedly good and material built is robust.

Specifications :

¢ Intel Core CPU
¢ 2.7 GHz 5200U
¢ 8GB of RAM
¢ Windows 8.1 OS 64-Bit
¢ 1 TB HDD

Price  28,999/-

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