Ashish Hemrajani

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Tapping the market of those ever so busy, Ashish hit the bull\’s eye with Bookmyshow. com. Here\’s more on him…I) He takes pride in the fact that he was born and raised in Mumbai and that his everyday people continue to remain the same. Another major part of his secured upbringing includes taking piano and speech lessons as a kid.II) His parents were ˜children of the partition\’ and given the rather interesting background, he believes that it is where he gets his risk-taking ability from.III) In terms of coming up with an idea that turns out to be a revolution, one could possibly compare him to Newton. While he was backpacking in South Africa in 1999, he was listening to a radio programme, which was promoting tickets for rugby, under a ˜Big Tree\’. He ruminated on the idea throughout his trip and that\’s how Bookmyshow was conceived; that\’s where the name for his company comes from.IV) His first job was in an ad agency, in the year 1997 and while he was content with the job, the idea made him do something bigger. He started selling movie tickets through telephone and Internet in \’99, he managed convincing two of his friends, to quit their jobs, too. At the time, the dotcom boom was at its peak. All this was at the age of 24! He approached an investor who had faith in the idea and thus, funded the project.V) But things weren\’t all hunky-dory and he faced major losses around the time when there was dotcom bust. Amidst many rejections, various kinds of losses, technical slapdash, no-funding days, lack of sophisticated means to work, zero salary days, he would still get calls at the time from people who wanted to hire him but he didn\’t budge and instead decided on going on with it.VI) In 2006, when everything was transforming for the better, and the ecosystem was a lot better for the business to survive, BookMyShow was launched in the year 2007. Besides movies,it features other businesses like Sports, Plays, Concerts and booking of other events, too. This is when things turned for the better.VII) Gregarious, he has an ability to strike a conversation with anyone, but takes time to make friends.VIII) He considers being at the sea as a freeing experience and thus enjoys sailing away from Mumbai quite often.IX) His future plans include focusing on tier II and III towns with smaller cities and single-screen cinemas!

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