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It takes guts to leave a well-established job at an MNC and diving in to the pool of struggles associated with starting a business but Arvind Vohra did just that. He knew that he has to be nothing but an entrepreneur when it comes to choice of career he wanted to pursue. Started a mobile phone company called Gionee with his business partner friend and grabbed not only the headlines but most importantly grabbed market share.1. 9 important career highlights My first job, Meeting trade partners whom I have been working from last 20 years, My decision to become an entrepreneur, The decision to give up a job at large MNC and work for smaller  business, Being a retailer, Being an e-retailer, Being a part of the telecom industry at the right time, Last two years of my association with Gionee which gave me a fair idea for supplier\’s chain and manufacturers.2. 9 AM in the morning- What will we find you doing?Either in gym or at temple or reading newspaper.3. 9 books that you would recommend us to read  Porter\’s Corporate Strategy, Jeffrey Archer\’s A Quiver Full of Arrows, Philip Kotler\’s books like Principles of Marketin, Jeffery Archer\’s Best Kept Secret, Only Time Will Tell by Jeffrey Archer, A Time to Kill by John Grisham.4. Tech innovation you think that can change our livesI think there\’s already too much of innovation everywhere. World should come at a slower pace now. We all are just running.5. 9 things people don\’t know about youI get nervous before any presentation, I get tensed when people sit in front of me and ask questions, I have a very strong obsession for cleanliness, I have my independentbathroom, I am getting treatment for hair loss, I pray everyday, I am a shy person, I love working out at gym , I got dumped by my Girlfriend.

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