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NIIT was one of the first ventures in India to take education of technology to the masses. If you haven\’t seen their involvement in the ˜Hole In The Wall\’ project that was even featured in a TED talk, then you really haven\’t kept up with tech news. Arvind Thakur has the enviable task of leading the company in a new era with interconnected devices, where coding might just become our second nature. How do 9 wonderful things about his career sound? Read on.# Mr Thakur graduated in engineering from IIT- Kharagpur where he received the Institute Silver medal for ranking first in the department.# Thereafter he pursued post-graduation in Industrial Engineering and started his career with BHEL, before joining NIIT in 1985.# In his initial working days with BHEL, it was tough going for Mr. Thakur and he recalls having to live in a small 2-room place in Delhi, trying hard to make ends meet.#. He was the President of its Software business before it was demerged to form NIIT Technologies Ltd.# He is also a Director in an innovative venture, Hole-inthe Wall Education Ltd. that enables technology to be deployed to educate the masses.# Over the years, he has nurtured and grown the software business at NIIT and positioned it among the ˜Top Software Providers\’ from India.# Mr. Thakur was instrumental in NIIT\’s Software Business making it the 12th Company to be so assessed globally.# He served as a Director of NIIT Limited and NIIT GIS Limited. He is an active member of many Industry Associations and Societies.# He is a keen believer in the saying ˜Listen before you speak\’  as was clear in a recent interview when he said, Balance assumes a new meaning with a partner. Adjustments are the order of the day and this involves good communication.

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