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If there is one entrepreneur who has been busy with a whole lot of things, it has to be industry veteran Arjun Malhotra. Not everyone may be aware of the man, even though he has an amazing work portfolio. Here are 9 highlights for you.# He is the co-founder of Hindustan Computer Ltd (HCL), which he started up with five other friends (including Shiv Nadar) back in 1975.# Twenty-three years later, Malhotra took his leave to start up Techspan, which was funded by Goldman Sachs and Walden International.# Soon after, the entrepreneur led the merger of Techspan with Headstrong, which is a global consultancy firm where he served as the Chairman and CEO.# Since he had excellent domain knowledge in capital markets and domain consulting, he didn\’t stray from this path to explore other avenues.# He sold Headstrong to Genpact in 2011 and currently he is doing some advisory consulting as well as serving on the Boards of a number of education based organizations.# Apart from serving as an advisory for some companies, Malhotra is currently serving on the Boards of a number of educational organisations including the IIT Kharagpur Foundation, the Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Udaipur, as well as the Advisory Board of Centre of Emerging & Neglected Diseases in the University of California (CEND UC), Berkley.# He is an alumnus of the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur.# He values innovation more than anything to change the quality of life. His view is to keep working at it, from the ground up.

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