Apple’s New Crop Of IPhones Hard To Digest

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Apple is all set to lower prices of the iPhone XR in Japan by offering subsidies to Japanese carriers… The price drops are apparently going into effect as soon as next week. The $750 price is somewhat disguised in Japan due to bundled carrier contracts, but the device is seemingly being overshadowed by the still popular iPhone 8 in the region.

The move is allegedly due to an agreement made with Samsung to purchase a certain quantity of OLED screens. With this year’s OLED-equipped models failing to sell in the quantities needed to fulfil the terms of the deal, the report suggests that Apple is turning to last year’s model for a solution. Apple ceased selling the iPhone X in stores when the XS was first released.

The iPhone X is thought to be cheaper to produce than the XS or XS Max thanks to its age, which means components and manufacturing equipment is cheaper, according to the WSJ report. In the past, legacy models have been produced when there’s enough demand for them in certain markets.

According to Singapore-based researcher Canalys’ manager Rushabh Doshi, Apple is staring at poor July-September and October-December quarters in India. 

“While Apple will still see shipments of the new iPhones catering to the rich who seldom care about price, annual growth on shipment volume is unlikely,” he said.

Cheap battery replacements hurt iPhone sales

The easier it is to replace a battery, the less willing people are to buy a new iPhone. In 2018 ended up swapping their batteries — instead of upgrading to the latest iPhone models, it turns out. Now that iPhone batteries are cheaper and easier to replace, fewer people are shelling out for new iPhones that can now cost up to $1,449. And once Apple admitted it was throttling order iPhone models, users became more informed on how to turn the feature off.

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