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With the Apple event launching next week, it has stolen all the limelight with all the possible rumours and launches. As expected, Apple is finally launching the IPhone SE, an upgraded 4 inch smartphone, which a lot of people were craving. Don’t let the crave diminish or fade, as we’re going to feed you with all the possible rumours before the event launches. The IPhone SE isn’t only talking point about the event. You have no idea what lies ahead when there’ll be an official Apple event next week. We’re just here to add to the curiosity and not to kill it. It doesn’t look like a jigsaw puzzle while we’re only here to put everything together and as the tag line states, Everything has changed” this time around a lot is going to change and yet again Apple will prove it to us to why they’re the best and why they’re steps ahead. The battle between Android and IOS has just got intense.iphone_seNow we all know the beast that is the IPhone 7 is going to launch in September and all you Apple fans are waiting to get their hands on it. Before that, wouldn’t you want to know a little more about IPhone 7 and what do Apple have in mind for 2016 for all Apple lovers. Rumours just haven’t stopped and week by week Apple seems to startle us. We won’t keep you waiting and just break it down for you. This is the year of Revolution for Apple and these are the reasons behind it.

I’ll take you back and show you how Apple has revolutionized.

IPhone 5S which will be backdated in a while, which has Touch ID but no Apple Pay and 3D touch as that wasn’t even known when the phone launched and optical image stabilization gave a miss.

IPhone 6S includes 3D touch, Apple Pay and optical image stabilization which was launched last year and it hasn’t been a year and we thought this is the best IPhone we ever witnessed.

The best is yet to come and about to hit us to with a bunch of surprises.

We know when I stated Age of Revolution, why would Apple go back to basics and give us what we have been craving for, which they’re usually known for 4 inch screens. We need to see what the trick is behind launching a 4 inch screen known as IPhone SE, which looks good on papers coming with Touch ID as expected and Apple Pay but no 3D touch as Apple states its the prime most feature of IPhone 6S which was Apple’s flagship last year.maxresdefault This is where Apple has kept us in the dark as we’re imagining an IPhone 7 to be launched this September which isn’t even Apple’s flagship device.

Iphone 7 will be out of the box which wouldn’t have a 3.5mm jack and will come with Li-Fi which the rumours suggests with everything staying the same and an addition of possibly an OIS camera which is new.

Now you have be wondering probably the IPhone 7 Plus will be the flagship which isn’t the case. The Iphone 7 plus bigger in size will have the same features like the Iphone 7.

Coming down to the business end, Iphone 7 Pro will be the Flagship device for Apple for 2016 and the peculiar feature is that the camera will be OIS dual lens camera.iPhone-5-Pro Again these are just are rumours and when Apple tends to be at its best, right now it seems to be on a roll with the consistent leaks happening over time to time just adding to the curiosity.

All I know is that Apple is surely planning something big this year and this September don’t be surprised about anything. The best maybe is yet to come and you never know everything will change causing a mental relapse.

All you can do is wait and watch, until then leave your comments below and if there is anymore updates or surprises, we’ll keep you posted about Apple.

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