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Apple WWDC

Apple WWDC
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Every year, Apple organize a Developer conference known as World Wide Developer Conference(WWDC) to showcase their upcoming software developments in iOS, Mac, Apple TV and Apple Watch. Though this time there was no announcement about Apple’s hardware, the new software sets a new benchmark for Apple future products. Without further ado let’s begin with the announcement at WWDC.

The WWDC had begun with a presentation showing statistics what Apple has achieved so far.

  • Apple now has more than 20 million developers all over the world.
  • Apple App store gets more than 500 million visitors per week.
  • Apple Developers has earned more than 500 million dollars by selling their apps on App Store.
  • More than 81% iOS users are running iOS11 compared to 6% of Android users running Oreo.

iOS 12

Apple is increasing the performance by up to 50% on its latest version of iOS12. The latest operating system will support all the devices running iOS11. The performance improvement will make older devices considerably faster, including the 5-year-old iPhone 5s. This demonstrates that Apple is not making old iPhone’s obsolete on purpose.

Augmented Reality

Apple has finally pushed AR to iOS12. Apple has a new image file format called USDZ. This will let augmented reality objects to use all apps. Even Adobe is on board and created “immersive design tools” that allows you to create or edit AR objects in the visual editor.

Measure App

A new app has been introduced that can measure real-world objects using iPhone or iPad. The measure app uses AR to let you draw lines and measure the physical dimensions.

ARKit 2

ARKit is going into the second generation, which includes few cool features. The most interesting is the ability for multiple users to interact with the same objects from different Apple iOS-based devices.


Siri is now more customisable than before. The new Shortcut app allows you to create specific command to trigger in-app features. Siri is also getting proactive by suggesting you when running late or remind you to buy coffee.


The Stock app has got a new interface that gives you charts of a stock’s daily performance as well as iPad compatibility.

Apple News

Apple News has got a UI redesign to make it more suitable for iPad use. It gets a new Browse tab, which makes it easier to jump to favourites. And there’s a new sidebar.

Voice Memos

Finally, iPad is getting Voice Memos for the first time and recordings will now sync across iCloud.

Apple Screentime

The new iOS 12 will tell you how much you’re using your phone. It will let you know stats like how much time you’re spending on your phone and how often you’re looking at specific apps.

Animoji & Memoji

Apple’s Animoji is getting tongue-tracking capabilities, but the big story here is the addition of Memojis. Basically, they’re an Animoji app that lets users pick and choose features to match their own face.

Group Facetime

Facetime now gets Group feature, so you can connect and talk to 32 people at once.

Apple Watch OS 5

One of the biggest functionality of the Apple Watch so far is fitness. Tim Cook said Apple Watch has grown sixty percent since last year. Apple is now adding Competitions to Watch OS, which lets you challenge friends to move more than you over the course of seven days. There are now more workout types for tracking, including yoga and hiking for more accurate stats. The watch also senses whether you have started the workout and it stop once your heart rate decreases.


While texting is difficult on a tiny Apple watch, Apple introduced Walkie-Talkie audio messaging app for Watch. For Walkie-Talkie to work, it requires Wi-Fi or cellular network to work.

Siri on Apple Watch

The new Siri Apple Watch face can integrate third-party apps to show text and calendar reminders. Also, there no need to say Siri anymore. Instead, just lift your wrist and start asking a question.

Apple TV

The Apple TV 4K was announced last year in September, now Apple is adding Dolby Atmos capabilities for surround sound. Means if you own a Dolby Atmos-enabled speaker or soundbar, then you can experience 3D dimensional sound. The TV app now has over 100 video channels, including live news and more live sports. One of the exciting features is Zero Sign-On which will automatically log you into the various apps for individual networks. This feature will only work if you’re on your cable provider’s secured network.

Mac OS Mojave

The MacOS new version is called Mojave, sticking to the California naming theme. This version brought the famous dark mode which darkens pretty much everything on the screen including window borders and menu options. The most notable new Mac feature won’t be available until 2019, but Apple decided to give a sneak peek at it anyway: showing off a tool that allows iOS developers to easily port their mobile apps into macOS. The new Mac OS Mojave update will be available via Apple App Store for FREE.

Desktop Stacks

Desktop Stacks will take all the files from the desktop and organize them by type. So, it will group all the photos, videos and documents in a separate folder to clean the mess.

Gallery View

Now, there is an option that lets you get bigger image previews and other media right on the finder without having to open the media.

Screenshot and Screen Record

The screenshot has got more complex. Now, you get editing option before saving the images. There is also an inclusion of screen recording, means no need to download external screen recorder.

Continuity Camera

Continuity camera links your Mac OS running Mojave with an iPhone running iOS. So, the computer will able to open the mobile camera to shoot a photo and immediately import it into the computer. This will probably save the additional steps and time which required previously.


With the recent Facebook data tracking scandals, Safari will shutdown the tracking functions of social media buttons or comment fields built into pages. Safari will also now provide less information to companies that can track you.

Mac App Store

The Mac version of the App Store has finally got a redesign on a Mojave update. It will feel more like the mobile experience.

Native Apple Apps

Apps like Apple News, Stocks, Home and Voice Memos which was previously available on iPhones, will now be coming to Mac OS for the first time. This is a part of bigger app project, where they will bring iOS apps to Mac OS.


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