Apple Vs TRAI : The Saga Continues.

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The tussle between the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India(TRAI) and Apple does not appear to be reaching a conclusion. On the contrary, it might just turn ugly.The TRAI has been taking regular steps to curb the calls and messages by telemarketers and other promotional calls. In order to do so, the TRAI has introduced a Do Not Disturb(DND) application wherein the customers can report and block the callers. For the application to function properly, it requires an access to the call log, messages and the contacts of a user as well as allows TRAI to collect data from the users.
The TRAI has put out the revised regulations,“Every Access Provider shall ensure, within six months’ time, that all smartphone devices registered on its network support the permissions required for the functioning of such Apps as prescribed in the regulations 6(2)(e) and regulations 23(2)(d),”
TRAI has also added,“Provided that where such devices do not permit functioning of such Apps as prescribed in regulations 6(2)(e) and regulations 23(2)(d), access providers shall, on the order or direction of the authority, derecognize such devices from their telecom networks.”

While Apple is known for their stringent privacy policy regarding customer privacy, downloading this application will counter the Apple policy, which the company is against. According to the recent TRAI regulations, if Apple fails to fulfil the requirements, then all the Apple devices will be banned across the country. Considering the market share that Apple has in India, it could be a big blow to the company. Moreover, the Apple users will be handicapped if the devices are derecognised by the telecom carriers
Apple rival Google has already introduced the application on the Google PlayStore as well as Android devices, to be on the right side of the Indian Government, Apple does not appear to be accepting the terms and conditions any time soon. Though the company has provided an option of creating an internal application by Apple, the government is not convinced.


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1 Comment

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