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Apple going back to basics

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Sometimes, when you push too hard, it doesn’t work out well so it’s better to go back to basics. Although, we can say Apple tries to do something different every time, it leads to a revolutionary step, a step which implies always looking ahead than the rest. The main aim of Apple is to make Apple phones available to everyone. Hence, Apple has gone back to basics. Don’t you miss the oldies now? Who doesn’t? They were known as the charm of Apple! Yes! We’re talking about smaller display screens. Guess what? Apple is back producing a Iphone 5SE with a 4 inch display. The rumors are vague and even though it’s going to launch in March, Apple seems to be playing hide and seek with us. Although, we did manage to eavesdrop some rumor about the new Iphone. A lot of things aren’t certain even when it comes to the name, processor and the RAM. The only thing we can be sure of is the display, i.e. 4 inches. The new Iphone will use the same curved glass going away from the shiny chamfered edges around the Iphone 5s. The phone will be available in space gray and is planning to add in another color probably, bright pink shade. It includes the A9 chip which is the third generation chip with 64 bit ARM. The A9 includs M9 motion co-processor which will allow apple users to always use “Hey Siri” feature. The A9 also helps to measure fitness activities. The rumor suggests the phone will be powered with a 1GB RAM and as far as the camera is concerned it’s going to stick with 8MP, the same camera used in Iphone 6. Hopefully it’s the same as Iphone 6 as new features have been added to significantly improve picture quality as well as faster auto focus and improved image stabilization. It will also support high-res panoramic photos, 1080p HD video at 60fps. The phone will also be able to capture Live photos. The drawback is, it won’t include 3D touch as that is the premium feature of 6s. It will also include newest Bluetooth 4.2 specification, faster 802.11ac Wi-Fi, a barometer for tracking elevation and VoLTE support. It’ll also include Touch ID as well as NFC chip. So, with built in NFC, it will support Apple Pay. It will come in two variants 16/64 GB and sadly 128 GB variant isn’t included. The battery life is packed with 1,624 mAh battery.apple-iphone-5se-1We don’t know how far the specs rumors are true. Any changes and we’ll keep you updated till then don’t kill the excitement as the new 5se looks like a killer phone and is coming out with a 4inch display and sticking to basics is like going old school. This phone aims at mid segment pricing and if it is, then the 5se could be value for money as no compromises has been made with specs. The only thing that is changed is everything. Please leave your comments below about what you feel about the new Iphone 5se which is set to launch probably on March 15,2016.

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