Apple Becomes First $1 Trillion Company!

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Apple started its journey in the garage of the Co-founder Steve Jobs in 1976. Today, it has changed the way consumers connect with each other and also how businesses do the daily commerce.

Apple reached the mark of being the first $1 Trillion officially listed U.S. the company on the 2nd of August. The
company’s stock has jumped 2.8 percent to as high as $207.05, which is the gain of 9 per cent since July 31st
and has also bought back $20 Billion of its own shares.

Being started in the garage of the Co-founder Steve Jobs in 1976, it is a phenomenal success as Apple has
really pushed its revenue beyond the economic outputs of New Zealand, Portugal and other countries. It has changed the scenario of daily commerce and businesses.

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Since its initial public offering in 1989, the Silicon Valley stalwart’s stock has cascaded more than 50,000 per cent
dwarfing the S&P 500’s approximately 2000 per cent increase around the same almost 4 decades. During the
early times, Apple has really evolved from selling Mac personal computers to marking itself as an architect of
the mobile revolution which is been followed by a cult.

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Steve Jobs died in 2011 who was succeeded as Chief Executive by Tim Cook. He has no doubt made the company profits double up but also struggled in developing a new product in order to replicate the success of iPhone which has seen huge success in the recent years.

In 2016, which is one year before the iPhone launch, the company only generated less than $20 Billion in sales
and net profit was $2 Billion. After one year, in 2017, the sales reached $229 Billion which was the 4th highest in
the S&P 500 which made it the most profitable listed company in the U.S.


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