Apple/Bandai Pippi – Game Over

Apple/Bandai Pippi
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Apple is a wellestablished brand in today’s market with a line-up of powerful Mac machine, iPhones and iPads. But the tale of the Apple Bandai Pippin proves that the Apple’s gaming console was a total disaster. In fact, Apple made only 1,00,000 units, and out of them, they sold only 42000 units. In 1993, Spindler took over the position of the CEO, Apple then was in a reasonably strong position when it came to selling computers but it was having a massive amounts of trouble elsewhere. Splinder offered the license to a third-party vendor to create their own versions of the system. The first partner Apple managed to get on board was the massively successful Japanese toymaker, Bandai. Together they developed Pippin Bandai boasted with good specs which was powerful than most other consoles available in the market. Apple Bandai Pippin was priced for $600 bundled with a 6-month unlimited internet account from PSINet for $25 per month. These prices were around three times higher than the Nintendo 64 and PlayStation who dominated the console market and were highly successful. Apple failed to lure game developer to create games for their console thus resulting in a massive failure.

Why did it fail?

  • There was no marketing of the new product by Apple which led to the console being a complete and an utter flop worldwide.
  • Apple Pippin was launched at the wrong timing, particularly when there was the launch of superior Sony PlayStation in the same year.
  • There was no support from any Game developers because Bandai lacked the sophistication required to support the software community.
  • Apple Bandai Pippin launched at a highest price compared to its competition in an already saturated market.

Apple should have focused more on marketing and supporting game developers community right after the product launch. Also, a well-priced gaming console backed by Apple’s powerful hardware could have given them a great success in the console market.

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