Android 9 Pie is here: The next version of Android Operating System

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Google has finally named their next version of the Android operating system – Pie. The new OS has been packed with A.I. and design tweaks which will make the phone smart and fast. As usual, the first one to get the Android 9.0 Pie is the Googlé own Pixels phones. Although other smartphone manufacturers have promised to update their existing phones to the new Android Pie at the earliest, it would be a good sign. According to Google statistics, only about 12% of Android devices were running Android Oreo version.

Why Pie?

Google likes to pick dessert name for its every Android OS version. Also, it has been named alphabetically each time the new version is launched. Starting from the Cupcake, Donut to the latest Pie.

What’s New in Android 9 Pie?

Android 9.0 Pie is a huge incremental update and the next major version from its predecessor Android 8.1 Oreo. The most noticeable changes are the new gesture-based navigation system and the AI-powered recommendations integrated right into the operating system.

Here is the top list of the new feature packed into the Android 9 Pie:

Gesture-Based Navigation system

Seems like Android Pie’s navigation system took direct inspiration from the Apple iOS operating system. Instead of traditional three-button navigation, now it has a slim dash which you can swipe up to bring recent apps. This new navigation system is all designed to make it easier to operate your Android device with just one hand.


It is easy to lose track of your time while using the phone. That’s why Google has introduced the new “Dashboard” which is an interesting app to display your phone usage and show how you spend time on your device. The dashboard offers a pie chart indicating the time spent on each app and also an hourly basis. It also displays a number of times you unlocked your phone and a total number of notifications you have received.

Smart rotation detection

Apps changing the orientation from portrait mode to landscape mode at the mere flick of a wrist is quite frustrating, you can set the rotation lock but that will universally lock the whole system to portrait mode. Android Pie adds a handy icon that pops up when your phone’s orientation changes; tap it, and you can manually override any lock without having to dive into your phone’s settings.

App Timer

App timer is another way to set limits on the app where you spend most of the time. Once you reach the time limit, the App Timer will send a notification warning you have reached the time limit and the app ‘pauses’. This will help you to manage your time and improve productivity.

Notch support

Notch is the new trend after the launch of Apple iPhone X. While Google’s previous version lack notch support, Google decides to include notch support on its Android Pie. So manufacturers can design the notch they may find good for his customer. The Android Pie will offer different types of cut out modes like narrow, tall, and wide to suffice different notch dimensions.

157 new emojis

Google has included 157 new emojis including gender inclusive and few minor tweaks to the existing emojis. These emoji has already existed in the Unicode standard, but Google decided to include it in Pie. The new pack of exciting emojis includes a cold face, hot face, mango, and llama.

Adaptive Battery

Google is relying more and more on AI to enrich user experience and its latest example is ‘Adaptive Battery.’ It learns to prioritize battery power by observing the apps and services you use the most, thereby helping you get the most out of your battery, and make it last for a longer time. To further improve your battery saving experience, improvements have been made to battery saver feature. Now Android Pie doesn’t wait for an app to be idle and puts an app in standby mode more aggressively.

When Can I Download Pie on my Phone?

Android Pie is currently available on Google’s own Pixel devices. Those manufacturers who took part in the beta program will receive all Pie update within next few months.

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