Ananya Birla – Raring & Unstoppable

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One of our most anticipated shoots, we knew instinctively, was going to be replete with a lot of youthful vibe despite the location (which is popularly said to be one of the most haunted places of Mumbai) and we couldn’t have been more right. Ananya Birla and her youthful entourage totally justified the theme of our issue. The banter, Ananya’s quirky yet honest responses to our questions and her being a total pro at striking just the right poses all made for a great shoot. And finally, Ananya was everything she stands for – humble, charming, gentle and genuine, and we were in awe. As we caught her in between shots, she bared her thoughts showing us why she is not just her father’s daughter but her own unique identity that’s ready to propel the Birla legacy to greater heights.


 I am an explorer, a writer, a singer and just a girl who believes in following her dreams and wishing to make a change in this world.

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