Amazon Echo Smart Speakers Rolled out in India

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Amazon Echo Smart Speakers has been finally rolled out in India. Amazon India has unveiled all Echo speakers here with the price range starting from 4,499 INR. At the moment, Amazon’s product lineup includes Echo, Echo Dot and Echo Plus speakers and all three are now launched in India. However, these speakers won’t be available in the offline stores or on the company’s official website. The Echo speakers will be made available to users by requesting a purchase invite.

According to the company, the people requesting for the purchase invite of the device will be getting a 30% discount on the price. Not only this, the company also claimed that they were bringing the Amazon Prime Music service soon to India and users buying the Echo speakers will get a free subscription.

The Senior Vice President of Amazon Devices and Services, Dave Limp said, “Tens of millions of customers are already using Alexa, and today we’re excited to bring her to India with an all-new experience designed from the ground up for our customers in India. The combination of Alexa and Echo provides customers with hands-free access to music, weather, news, information, and more-just ask.”

As per an Amazon Spokesperson, “In India, Alexa delivers a customised Indian experience, including an all-new English voice with local pronunciations and intonation.”

Amazon is currently leading in the smart speakers market but Google with its Home is also not left behind. Google is definitely giving a tough competition to Amazon and ramping up its speakers’ range. Just two days back, on 4th October 2017, Google unveiled the Home Mini and also showcased the Home Max Smart Speakers. Around the same time, Apple is also prepared to make the entry in December. The company announced previously, the HomePod which is a Siri powered Smart Speaker. Likewise, the Google Home Speakers are powered by Google Assistant. Sadly, now both of these home speakers are not available in India.

The three Smart Speakers by Amazon namely the Echo Dot, the Echo and the Echo Plus are priced at 4,499 INR, 9,999 INR, and 14,999 INR respectively. All these three smart speakers are powered by the smart virtual assistant called the Amazon Alexa.

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