AMAZON ECHO Wall Clock Loaded With Goodness Of Lot

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Amazon is on a relentless spree to take control of household and Echo Wall Clock is just another addition to same. But, hey hold on, it’s just a clock, right? I mean, it doesn’t have a micro spy camera or something, then why should we bother? Well, it seems the clock is the very first product to bring in the essence of IoT in a whole lot different way.



The Echo Wall Clock was announced in September this year and managed to garner a lot of attention owing to its attractive price. Notwithstanding the chagrin that it actually becomes functional after being paired with the Internet, it still manages to be a good looking object on the wall. Once you pair it up with Amazon Echo, it can set the time all by itself. Plus, its auto ability to run a check on being slow or fast and being adjusted to daylight savings is definitely a standout feature. The chief feature of the clock is, however, visually managed displays for multiple timings, including alarms and countdown timers.


Beneath its perimeter is a carefully designed circle that carries 60 LEDs, all white, each lining up with minutes the clock counts. On setting a timer, a LED will glow as time progresses. If you are setting a countdown, the LED is lit up and then goes off one after another. When the timer is on, every corresponding LED will glow unless the alarm goes off. Now, this is something that one can have for a smartphone, or even Alexa is capable of doing it all alone. However, what makes the Echo Clock a wonderful alternative is its stunning visual interface; oh-so-good! You want to remind your kids how many hours they have been away from study or setting a timer for yourself to finish a task under 15 minutes, the Echo Wall Clock will put up a visual display on the wall which is not only glaring but also surprisingly soothing than checking on your phone or setting the alarm manually.


The only thing that made Echo a groundbreaking concept was perhaps its inherent capability to pair up with the Internet, right inside your living room. Like no other device, the Echo Wall Clock is in its first generation but readily embodies how an IOT device should be – Breathing on the Internet and bringing in full house functionality without any additional costs.

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1 Comment

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