Amazon App Gets International Shopping Feature: Import Products from the US

Amazon App
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Amazon App has launched a new feature that lets international users easily import goods from the US. This feature is available on the Amazon App in iOS and Android.

Amazon App

Amazon App announced a latest feature called the International Shopping Feature that lets users import products from the US. We all know that Amazon App is already there in a lot of countries, but before this, it didn’t allow users to buy items which are not available in their home country. This used to make things difficult for users to buy items sold by Amazon in the US. Now, with the launch of this latest International Shopping Experience Feature, Amazon has eased out options for people to purchase products from the US, with localized prices and import fee estimates. The International Shopping Experience Feature is available on the Amazon App in iOS and Android.

The App basically uses the location for determining whether the feature is essential in your country. The feature can be easily turned on by you and the language or currency can also be customised. Amazon recently promised language support and a wider currency in 2018. During the launch, Amazon revealed that this feature will support five languages namely English, German, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Portuguese, and Brazilian along with 25 different currencies.

Samir Kumar, Vice President of Amazon Exports and Expansion said, “Customers have been asking for a way to easily find and shop only for products available to be shipped to them. The International Shopping experience solves this customer need and makes it simple to browse shop and ship more than 45 million products to over a hundred countries around the world.”

Amazon App: How to Use This Feature?

To use the International Shopping Feature, you will have to first download the Amazon Shopping App from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. After installation, the app will automatically go for the feature according to your location. If you already have this app installed, then you just have to go to Settings > Country and Language > International Shopping. Furthermore, you can select the preferred language and currency.

After all this, you will be able to see the items that can be shipped to your desired location. Going by the reports, this feature is at present available in 11 countries namely Chile, Columbia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Peru, Costa Rica, the Philippines, Uruguay, and Thailand. This means that Indian users will not be able to use this feature as the company already has a localized app in India. This feature shall only be available in countries that don’t have an official Amazon App and imports are the only realistic option. However, in India, people can use the Amazon Global Store for ordering products from a foreign country.

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