Alibaba’s Voice Assistance In Race To Beat Google Voice Assistant As The Best

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When Jack Ma started Alibaba in China in the year 1999, he never could have guessed that it would become one of the leading conglomerates of the world within 19 years of conception. It has successfully completed 19 years. It is a well known fact that the online retail market of China and various other parts of the world is already greatly controlled by Alibaba.

What came as surprising news is the fact that Alibaba Voice Assistance is far better than the highly rated Google Assistance.  During the recently held global Artificial Intelligence gathering called 2018 Neural Information Processing System conference, a practical demonstration was held to prove the authenticity of the statement.


Alibaba’s logistic branch, Cainiao uses an internal AI assistance for interaction with over 50,000 customers each day non stop. A team lead by Jin Rong, head of the Alibaba’s Machine Intelligence and Technology Lab presented a series of pre-recorded call exchange between customers and the AI assistant.

A set of conversations were the special focus of their presentation at the gathering. What was extremely impressive about the entire conversation was the ability of the AI to handle 3 important aspects that most of the other VA fails to do so. The three issues that Alibaba’s VA handled extremely accurately and without any flaw were the interruption at the beginning of any conversation, non linear conversational issue and an indecisive confirmatory answer from the customer’s end.

The interruption at the beginning of the call between the AI and customer could have been a blockage but the AI reconfirmed its identity and started the introduction again. The second instance wheras the customer deviates from the point and asks the AI’s id again and the third instance when the customer does not give a concrete answer.

Google V A better known as Duplex have failed on numerous account to handle questions that deviates from its pre designed algorithm. The retail sector success of the Alibaba’s VA is the reason why they are planning to extend the Voice Assistance to their Food Ordering Services as well.

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