Airtel 4G VoLTE Services Announced in Mumbai


Airtel has finally caught up with Jio and has started supporting 4G Voice over LTE (VoLTE) enabled technology last Monday. As we already know, this improves the voice clarity by using Internet data. It has become the 2nd telecom operator in India to offer these functions to the users after Reliance Jio.

The company, at this point, has almost 260 Million Subscribers in the country. According to the company, this latest VoLTE feature is now live for customers using Airtel in Mumbai region as of now. Airtel has even said that the VoLTE feature will be expanding its reach of support to its subscribers soon. However, Airtel will not charge any additional charge for VoLTE service as clarified by the company.

The best thing about Airtel VoLTE 4G network is that, unlike Reliance Jio’s VoLTE, its network shall fall back automatically on 2G or 3G network in case the 4G network is not working. This step has been taken by the company for ensuring the customers that they will be connected at all times to the network. They clarified that the rival company doesn’t have this feature.

Those Airtel users, who have enrolled themselves for 4G SIM card in Mumbai and own an enabled 4G LTE smartphone, will easily be able to use this. These users can very conveniently make VoLTE calls to their loved ones on mobile phones and landlines both. As per the company, they have deployed 4G Advanced Carrier Aggregation Technology in Mumbai region which enables data speeds of up to 135 Mbps and combines spectrum capabilities in 2300MHz (TDD LTE) plus 1800MHz (FDD LTE).

Reliance Jio is the rival of Airtel and has already come up with VoLTE support from the very beginning since it rolled out the previous year. Reliance Jio has till now won over 100 Million subscribers and this is because of the company’s charm of free data. However, even if Airtel is a little late to join in, but their ability for supporting VoLTE calls even the network drops down can definitely charm a lot of customers.

Mr. Abhay Savargaonkar, the Director of Networks, Bharti Airtel, said in a press statement, “Over the next few months, we will rapidly accelerate the deployment of VoLTE to cover all key geographies to bring HD quality calling to our customers. We keenly look forward to our device partners enabling Airtel VoLTE on their smartphones.”

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