Acer R13 is a Compact and Mighty 2-in-1 Transformer

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Acer\’s Versatile Autobot

First Impression:

The year is 2015 and traditional laptop design feels a part of history. With Windows supporting touch interface, it\’s the age of 2-in1 transforming convertible laptops. Acer has been a major player in this game and with experience that resulted from customer feedback, Acer has almost perfected the convertible game. We got our hands on the compact Acer R 13 and found its unique yet functional design with industry leading hardware, to be one of the finest we\’ve worked with.

-Design & Build

Acer R 13 has a unique Ezel Aero HingeTM design. This allows the users to access the R 13 in 6 different ways, namely – Notebook (traditional laptop design), EzelTM (the most interesting way where the display can hover right above your keyboard, allowing users to type and touch seamlessly), Stand (Display tilts towards the users over the keyboard), Pad (Display sits 180 degree on the keyboard allowing users to use it as a Windows tablet), Tent (laptop rests on 2 edges thereby acting as a stand for the display) and Display (Best for watching movies).

The glass lid gives the R 13 a very premium look. When the lid is closed the R 13 looks unique as the frame holding the swiveling screen only covers half the proportions and gives a distinct identity to the laptop. Open it and you get a matte, dark grey plastic keyboard that houses full-sized chicklet keys. The keys are well spaced with great typing
feedback and the large track pad is precisely accurate with multi touch functionalities. The left side of the Aspire R13 houses two USB ports along with a full-size HDMI port, while the right side houses the memory card slot and a third USB port with the power button that works flawlessly even when the laptop is used in the Pad mode. The bottom firing dual ˜Cinematic Surround Speakers\’ are amazingly crisp and loud. At 1.5kgs, it was easy to carry
and the top notch build quality had me ensured that it could be handled with ease.

The Acer R 13 is available in various hardware options right up to the high end i7 configurations. Our unit was the R 13 (371T) which was beating on Intel\’s i5 5200U @ 2.2 GHZ with Intel HD 5500 graphics coupled with 8GB DDR3 RAM. It is a beast at running apps and games. We ran various rendering software and graphic heavy games. To our surprise, the R 13 handled everything like a pro. Also multitasking was a breeze thanks to the 8GB DDR3 RAM. But the best way to enjoy the R 13 was its transforming modes.

Watching movies on that Full HD IPS Display protected with Gorilla Glass 3 was a bliss. The text was sharp and color contrast was remarkable. Also touch enabled games played superbly well thanks to the accurate touch inputs. With an optional accessory of the Acer Active Pen, the Digitizer based Display shines out. Its pressure sensitive and is best noticed in the built-in softwares loaded by Acer. Drawing and sketches can be done amazingly well on the 255 level pressure sensitive display with accurate palm rejection. Also the Display detects the pen as it hovers over the it. Windows tablet based apps worked flawlessly and working all this on the marathon battery life was very satisfying. The 720p front camera was crisp in photos and clear when video chatting with colleagues. The builtin connectivity like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi worked well with various routers and devices. Acer claims 10 hours battery life, but at times the laptop surpassed that mark. 

Verdict :
The Acer R 13 is truly a transformer capable of handling both the laptop and tablet scenarios like a pro. If you are looking for a premium all in one laptop that is future based and something that can do true justice to the upcoming Windows 10 and its capabilities, look no further than the Acer R 13.

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