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A Power Talk with Mr. Atul Jain – COO, Smart Electronics Business LeEco India

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Atul Jain – COO, Smart Electronics Business LeEco India

Atul Jain’s aim is to lead his business to a new growth level and profitability, by building trust and strengthening professional relationships with partners and most importantly consumers. His guidelines infuse a winning mentality with a positive intent, always looking forward to constant growth and development with a sense of urgency, empowerment + accountability, process integrity and transparency.

Exhibit : Is LeEco developing or building something that the world is unaware of, after Smart TVs? (E.g. wearables or any out of box tech launches).
ATUL : Presently, we are yet to start our manufacturing plant in India. However, our India R&D centre in India is running at full steam. They are doing great work as of now, involved in building innovative technologies in the smart product industry based on consumer’s demands. At the global level, we have partnered with Faraday Future and Aston Martin recently, unveiled our own EV concept car. There are many other such futuristic and breakthrough inventions as the prototype will always keep going. The Indian R&D also aims to generate patents from our team in India.

Exhibit : You were on the news for stepping down from Samsung and joining LeEco, what is the idea behind the move and reason for the switch?
AJ : After a spending my entire career in established hardware companies, the next logical step for me was to test my mettle in a start-up and disruptive company. What better could have I got other than LeEco? Although a new entrant to India market we have sold over 7 lakh units of Superphones so far within 8 months into our operations, now we have our products ranging from accessories to Superphones to Eco TVs and growth doesn’t end there.

Exhibit : From a fairly new brand to a recognized brand now, how did the company achieve success within a short period of time?
AJ : The three reasons for our quick-fire success are – Breakthrough technology, Disruptive pricing and a comprehensive ecosystem, pipping industry giants in all these three categories.

Exhibit : Is LeEco trying to associate with any brands in the near future as we have seen a trend of mobile companies associating with other corporations?
AJ : LeEco will expand its offerings from entertainment to include popular games and will introduce over 500+ games in the next few months for our Super TVs and mobiles, eliminating the need of console gaming. This will certainly make LeEco a game-changer in the OTT-Content business in India. As we look to increase our content offerings, we will be simultaneously partnering with more local players.atul-jain

Exhibit : Who are your major competitors and how do you plan to excel above them?
AJ : We are playing in a completely different field not only in the smartphone or super TV industry. Going forward, we will be tying up with local content producers and international studios for content tie ups and have started working towards developing in-house shows and formats. Apart from that, we are also looking at investing close to $200 million ( ₹ 1330 crores) into developing content for India, over the next two to three years.

Exhibit : What are your expectations from India in 2016 and how will the market change as times evolve?
AJ : We are expecting to become a top three player in the Smartphone and TV market by the end of this fiscal. Considering that, it is just the first year of our operations. We have covered a lot of ground in terms of market size and breakthrough technologies. Despite such impressive performance in these initial rounds, I still feel we have a long way to walk in this vibrant evolving market in India.


    • The gadget you love and use the most, apart from a smartphone?Apart from smartphones, the other gadget I love is Fitbit Surge.
    • Your most used app? (except social media)LeView and Live app on Le Superphones! They give me access to tons of Eros Now videos along with accessibility to YouTube videos.
    • The Book you are currently reading or love reading? (Either eBook, paperback, fictional, self-help, biography – doesn’t matter!)I like most of PG Woodhouse series. The Dry Wit always brings a smile on my face. My mind picturizes English countryside idyllic afternoons, with large mansions, green fields, puppies, hats and butlers!!
    • The car that drives you? And the cars you owned?LeEco’s LeSEE is what drives me! Currently I drive a Mercedes E Class.
    • The watch you love wearing?Rolex is my favourite. Although, I love Piaget for its craftsmanship and legacy.
    • Your next Tech buy? (Planning to buy a Smart Watch? How about those VR Glasses? Let us know!)Planning to buy a 3D Eco television next!
    • What is your recipe for success? (Either your own or a quote you follow)Let’s do it! Can we double?
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