Vine – A Story That Ended In 6 Seconds

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VINE – The Six Second Success Story

Vine, the six video sharing application was short-lived but it did create successful vine stars around the world. The application surely had an interesting journey. Hailed as one of the leading video sharing community, it is now only present as an Internet archive site where the users can go back and see the previously uploaded videos and nothing else.

Surely the site had its share of fame, where it acclaimed top position in the Apple store when it was introduced. The video-sharing application had a very basic function i.e. to create and upload 6-second videos. Undoubtedly, it must have challenged the creativity of its users. But was it meant it to sustain? No.

The application had some major drawbacks which initiated the beginning of its end. The fierce competition could have played a role in its doom, but there are certainly many more reasons for its failure :

  • 6 seconds to express your message through a video, sounds interesting? But what’s next? The idea and challenge might be appealing initially, but with time it was bound to be redundant.
  • Despite the fame acclaimed by the leading vine stars, they eventually shifted their platform, as Vine failed to provide any kind of monetary returns to the key drivers of the application, resulting in loss of audience and users of the application.
  • Once, Twitter had taken over Vine but it was not able to provide the required amount of attention in terms of marketing, by introducing new features and enhancing the efficiency of the application.
  • Snapchat and Instagram took over, while Vine was short-lived. Instagram which was constantly growing, introduced 15-second video and the bubble in which Vine was created was finally bursted.

The application was laid to rest on October 27, 2016. Though the functionality of the application was switched off, it still remains as a souvenir of a half-baked attempt to present the content of the internet in an amusing and memorable manner.


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