50 Tech Ideas That Aren’t Dime A Dozen

50 Tech Ideas
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“50 Tech ideas of Tech companies that stood out from the Crowd”

If I had a nickel for every time I had an idea, I would still have a nickel¦if not executed well, of course! The thought alone does not count. What counts is action to that thought: implementing that thought into practicality.

Oxford Dictionary defines ‘Ideas’ as “a thought or suggestion as to a possible course of action; a mental impression; an opinion or belief; (the idea) The aim or purpose; Philosophy (In Platonic thought) an eternally existing pattern of which individual things in any class are imperfect copies; and (In Kantian thought) a concept of pure reason, not empirically based in experience.

What is an idea? It is a thought or collection of thoughts that can usually be generated in the mind with intent, but can also be created unintentionally. Ideas seldom spawn while brainstorming or discussing thoughts and views. Idea is a notion or a thought that is worth listening to and contemplating over; and acting upon. There are many perspectives and angles in which we can explain – ‘What an idea is’.

Is it the most important basis behind creation and innovation? Probably Yes… Probably Not… Ideas might be the basis that leads one to creation and innovation. But, it takes way more than just a thought, notion or idea to build, create and develop a substantial and valid product. It requires planning and most importantly execution to validate the notion, thought and idea that precedes the end-product. Ideas loose gravity and importance when it seems too surreal and lacks practicality – this is when an idea transcends back or down to just a mere thought, although entertaining.

“Ideas are dimes a dozen”. Any Jane Doe; or Tom, Dick and Harry; and or Hustler can come up with an idea. In the words of John Steinbeck, “Ideas are like rabbits. You get a couple and learn how to handle them, and pretty soon you have a dozen.” However, ideas only attain and hold much or any value when executed, and by ‘executed’… I mean… executed with thorough, well researched and strategic planning. Feasibility of an ‘Idea’ is the most important factor to take into consideration while getting all excited and jittery over a thought that tentatively seems worthy of attention and appreciation.

Idea differs from a thought and a thought differs from a concept – something people often misinterpret and misunderstand. An idea refers to a plan formed by mental effort; on the other hand, a concept refers to a procedure. Idea can be formed or created by an individual; while on the other hand, a concept can be mix effort of a group or a team of individuals. An idea is not abstract in nature whereas concept is abstract in nature. It takes more than an idea to create and develop something incredible. Idea requires planning and planning requires execution in order for the idea to come to life. Unless that is done, an idea will lose its feather turning into merely a thought…and just a thought does not count.

I have chosen a list of 50 Companies who took an idea, turned it into a concept, researched the market and finances necessary to get a clear understanding of the feasibility of the idea, gathered resources like – funds, man power, machinery and infrastructure, and made strategy based on research and target demographic, finally executed building up a name and reputation for themselves among the masses and got recognized worldwide.


Idea: ‘Create a search engine that allows for quick and easy access to information and data’.

Google is one of the biggest names in the Valley as well as in the globe. It is one company which has hit more innovations and milestones on the way than any other company. Google developed a search engine that allows users to search and access almost any information on any topic or subject of interest and need. And, now digging even deeper – it seems more than just a search engine. Why Google makes it to the top of my list also because its current projects are life-changing and have a very innovative idea behind it. For example, Calico project works on extending lifespan of human beings. Other projects comprise Google\’s autonomous vehicles, Google Fiber, Google Glass, and Shopping Express.


Idea: ˜Create an overwhelming user experience with minutiae\’.

Apple is the biggest name and brand: the one and only show stopper of the Silicon Valley. It has ruled as the rightful king of the valley for years, with Steve Jobs as a genius mind on the throne. Not just that, it has topped the charts in regards to the total estimated value of the Company. Apple has always focused on offering great user experience, and this is one of the main reasons behind Apple\’s seemingly huge success. Steve jobs had even reduced the product lines down to a sum of 9 or 10 in order to focus more on the quality. Apple highly boasts and speaks of quality and so does their products.


Idea: ‘Create real time mass awareness with instant texting’.

Twitter is a social networking service which allows users to read and send 140-character messages popularly called as “tweets”, but allows the unregistered to only read. According to a recent report, Twitter is more addictive than cigarettes. Twitter lets users provide updates from anywhere around the corner about almost anything funny, serious, important, natural calamities, and more. It helps people track what is going on in other parts of the world directly from the users of that part of the globe: It helps us understand the trend of our times. On January, 2013 it introduced its new video app namely Vine, which got hugely popular among the young crowd. Twitter is a revolutionary deal, which comes ones in a century or more. What radio was to our grandfathers, Twitter is that for us at present?


Idea: ‘To create a simple user generated app to make chatting more fun, easy and accessible’.

WhatsApp’s insanely growing user base is a testament for others to evaluate the power a simple app can hold. At a point of time, it got so rapidly populated and widely used that it ranked as one of the fastest growing companies. Facebook had realized by then the importance of owing an app like that, but none could have replicated the fame and success that WhatsApp earned within that short span of time. Next we heard, Facebook wanting to own the WhatsApp and holy god – it did! WhatsApp is the biggest text messaging service provider in the world with millions of user base actively participating and rapidly growing in numbers even as we speak. And, now with the voice internet call it has notch a level up or two.


Idea: ˜To help consumers wisely spend still making savings\’.

The West comprehends Alibaba in a manner that is simple. It is a mega IPO for the Chinese eBay-Amazon-PayPal hydra. However,the company run by CEO Jack Ma in China seems far more interesting and exciting. Last year, it began targeting and remaking some of the country\’s most moneyed industries, including banking and entertainment.


Idea:’Develop a social network to help build communities and bring the world together in one shed’.

Facebook is the largest community building ˜Social Networking\’ site on the planet. It has already crossed more than 1 billion users and the numbers don\’t seem to get any lesser. Facebook really helped people get back with their long lost friends, office colleagues, distant relatives, teachers, etc. It had the capacity to connect and reunite people with loved ones despite the gaping distances. It is currently working several projects – to name one would be ˜Internet.org\’. Facebook is the prince of Silicon Valley, and its success a never ending story.


Idea: ˜Build a very simple and easy photo sharing social network site with instant editing facility\’.

Instagram is the popular photo sharing social network, which allows you to post pictures as well as browse through pictures of people you know, like, and follow. Instagram is in today\’s date very closely associated with the fashion industry and will still in the future as well. It is massively getting popular and widely used even years of its first launch. Facebook bought Instagram knowing how big it would be getting in the days coming ahead. Urban teenagers and kids spend more and more time in Instagram these days as compared to Facebook. Instagram allows you through its platform to tell stories,endorse brands and products; as well as showcase talent though pictures.


Idea: ‘To create an online video source and hub for easy sharing of videos with friends’.

YouTube was initially created with an intention by the creator to share few videos with a friend. However, they had not realized that it would catch on like an epidemic viral disease…reaching out to people and spreading up like a wild fire. It had almost immediately caught the attention of the masses, and soon it started receiving uploads from the users, and since then this activity has only multiplied eventually making YouTube the most viewed and revered video network platform. And progress is still sky rocketing even post the Google purchase of YouTube.


Idea: ˜Provide users an easy way to save their files from any app\’.

Dropbox\’sis one of the most popular data store service out there in the market, which allows any app to integrate with Dropbox, allowing users the facility to save and  retrieve files directly through Dropbox. Its new Datastore service syncs app data among multiple devices, allowing you to can switch over to a smartphone and resume at the same point while playing a game on an iPad. Dropbox is a helpful service as it provides you storage of your files on the internet, so that you don\’t have to save it on your devices and risk a loss in case of an accident. Furthermore, it greatly solves storage issues.


Idea: ˜To help identify, track and access music in any form\’

Shazam is an app for Macs, PCs, and smartphones, popular known for its capacity to identify music from cinema, advertising, TV and retail environments. Shazam Entertainment Limited was founded in 1999 by Chris Barton, Philip Inghelbrecht, Avery Wang, and Dhiraj Mukherjee.  Using Shazam is more than easy. All you gotta do is – press a button and the app tries to identify the song. Rich Riley, CEO, believes we’ve reached a new smartphone era, and he expresses this by stating, “The world is going to an always-on state for apps.”Later Shazam came out with an opt-in feature named showed what that looks like with Auto Shazam, which helped keep a record of your day’s playlist.


Idea: Enable blind individuals to see the light of day.

There is nothing nobler than to make a blind see the light again, but doing that is difficult and very challenging to almost impossible. Well¦not according to a company named Second Sight. Founded in 1998 by Mr. Alfred Mann, Dr. Sam Williams and Gunnar Bjorg,and located in located in Sylmar and California – Second Sight Medical Products, Inc., aimdto create a retinal prosthesis to allow sight to subjects blinded eye from a completely outer retinal degeneration, like  retinitis pigmentosa,. Second Sight is employing over 85 employees. Besides that, Second Sight owns another office in Lausanne, Switzerland.

12. GOPRO:

Idea: ˜Lend an eye to all theextreme sports video action to show cameras diverse uses\’.

In case you remember,a white-tailed eagle flew in the sky and circled hovering around the French Alps wearing a GoPro camera last year. This footage exploded all over the internetgoing epidemic viral.GoPromade mainstream culture an almost $1 billion in sales by encouraging, distributing, and polishing the user\’s footage. WilTidman,GoPro, who runs a production team of 40-person made a statement saying, We want to show the cameras’ diverse uses,”. Itreleased its appin 2013 alongside the Hero3+ camera, making it easier for the users to edit and share videos online, and this led to three GoPro-hashtagged videos uploaded to YouTube per minute.


Idea: ˜Reduce the Green House gases by extracting oil out of plastic\’.

Braskem is a $19 billion Brazilian petrochemical giant company founded 10 years ago, which uses plastic to take out oil instead of the traditional method of fetching it out from petroleum. The company is said to convert sugarcane ethanol into ethylene – the raw hydrocarbon material that goes into plasticinin order to decrease greenhouse gases by packing up to two tons of carbon dioxide per ton of green polyethylene that is produced.Alexandre Elias, Braskem’s director of renewable chemicals states, “We are offering a product that actually takes carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere”.


Idea: ˜Redirect Environmental Impact of Agriculture\’

Beyond Meat brings formulated a soy and pea proteins together mimicking an almost meat texture and the interesting part is it does all of that without antibiotics, hormones, or trans fats. Last year, its “chicken” strips and taco “beef” crumble hit the joints big time big way as well as hit the shelves of the local retail markets at Whole Foods and groceries all across the nation. It boldly claimsto manufacture enough artificial chicken to save 1.5 million real birds in a year.Beyond Meat was (PETA) Foundation\’s company of the year, last year.Beyond Meat is dedicatedly focused to take on larger chunks of the $177 billion animal-meat market and turns us all pseudo-vegans.



Have you heard of the company iRobot? It is quite frequently making news on the headlines for the advancement in robotics and its new endeavor to make better robots for use. You might be knowning him best for the floor-cleaning ˜Roomba\’. IRobot has made revenueof $50 million in 2013 to almost $500 million now, with investments in new technologies summing up to $60 million. CEO Colin Angle proudly states,“We take an extremely long view of our role in the robotics industry.”IRobot is preparing for a mechanical future by researching and launching new products while fetching in contracts for its established military systems. To mention a few, four of the companies notable mechs are PACKBOT 510, ARM-H, AVA 500 and BRAAVA 380T.


Idea: ˜Make reading books more interactive and entertaining\’.

We have read books, e-books, and audio-books for a really time now and it\’s time to be facilitated ourselves with interactive novels and book as well. Inkling is one such company who publishes beautifully designed and well-crafted interactive instructional e-books over the flat, plain and basic PDFs and even the Kindle Paperwhite included. Last to last year in 2013, Inkling opened its software to allow the big guns like ˜Pearson and Elsevier\’to develop their own masterpieces. This,according to CEO Matt Macinnis, led to “eight figures” of revenue. He further remarks saying“At long last, we’re going to move consumers’ concept of the e-book well beyond the crappy text files you download to your Kindle today.”


Idea: ˜Make e-commerce as painless as tweeting\’.

If you make physical objects”onyx earrings, eco-friendly wagons for kids”there are plenty of places, such as eBay or Etsy, to hawk them online. But what if you\’re a musician or an author with digital wares and no marketing budget? That\’s what three-year-old Gumroad is for. More than 10,000 ­sellers”mostly authors, instructors, and musicians”used Gumroad last year to sell directly to fans, and the service even attracted some big-name acts including Eminem and Bon Jovi, and the publisher Hachette.


Idea: ˜Fight the Cancer using Robotics\’.

Perfint Healthcare is leading the development of image-guided robotic systems. Earlier, surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation traditionally were theonly weapons to fight against cancer. Maxio, the health care technology firm of Perfint\’s product,guides doctors through cancer diagnostics, surgery, and pain care interventions, leveraging them to efficiently see and navigate, in order to perform the surgeries with better accuracy and with utmost safety.

19. MARK 43:

Idea: ˜To help cops do their duties more efficiently\’.

Crouch is a 23 year old Harvard grad who is developing a cloud-based analytics and records management system with a sincere intention to make policing better, more effective, and more efficient. Scott Crouch, CEO and cofounder of Mark43 remarks saying. “There are over 180,000 felons on the loose in the United States that police can\’t track,.He has created a web app which assists cops to easilyand effortlessly enter arrests and incident reports, hence, helping reducethe time taken in process from several hours to minutes. The story does not end here, he also adds layers of algorithmic intelligence, then connects data like social media activity and call records (obtained via warrant) to police reports to offer the patrol cops a complete overview of a criminal or a syndicate.

20. LINE:

Idea: ˜Merge messaging with personality\’.

Launched in 2011, Line brought the craze for stickers into the instant messaging world with its giganticemojilike graphics that expressed complex emotions and ideas. Line users are currently sending almost 2 billion of those outside world emojisevery single day. Hello Kitty, Doctor Who, and Mickey Mouseare some of the feature sticker, however, the signature stickers star the company\’s own creations, including Brown (a bear) and Cony (a rabbit).Rumor has it, that Lineis also preparing itself for an IPO.


Idea: ˜Instantly connect with people via texts and photographs let them know what you are up to at this very moment\’.

You might have not heard about it much, but Snapchat is one of the most popular social networks. Memories and moments are of key importance to us all, so this is why we like to capture it and save the pictures to refresh our memories later. With the arrival of the smartphone cameras, we can now do way more than just talking.Spiegel remarks saying,“Snapchat really has to do with the way photographs have changed. Mobile phones enable us to have instant expression. This is important as it relates to identity… Instant expression says my identity is who I am right now. It says I’m the result of everything I’ve ever done, but I’m not really the accumulation of all that stuff.”The idea here is to be one with the moment: the present.

22. BAIDU:

Idea: ˜Boost and uplift deep learning and artificial intelligence\’.

Baidu, a Chinese search giant has apparently put a Silicon Valley Establishment to power boost itsnext generation line of products. Itpossesses image-recognition capabilities enabling cameras to recognizebooks andapparels, and helps users find and buy those items online. It is widely popular in China and is used by well you know the population of the China. This is also because Google Search engine is banned in China alongside Facebook.

23. FUHU:

Idea: \’Make learning for kids more easy, entertaining and rewarding\’ 

One might not be aware of Fuhu compared to Apple, Amazon, Google and Samsung, but it surely is far better, especially considering its bigger growth percentage of 159,000%. Fuhu\’s founder, Robb Fujioka, has built a tablet brand named ˜Nabi\’ for kids backing up 17,000 tutorials for pre-school to sixth grade students. The Nabi comprises features such as a time setter for parents, and a virtual currency, which the parents can use to reward their children by redeeming it for movies, music, and other goodies for their homework and good behavior. Fujioka says, “Safe discovery, rich, engaging experiences, and making good choices are at the heart of everything we create.”

24. SLACK:

Idea: ˜For making Inter-office emails searchable and trackable\’

Stewart Butterfield had once built an online game alongside his wife that didn\’t work quite as thought. However, their photo-sharing service named ˜Flickr\’ proved to be quite a hit. Butterfield tried to create an online game again, which led to the creation of Slack: a collaborative messaging platform for business use. Butterfield says, “At this point, maybe the majority of venture-backed Bay Area tech startups use Slack. But it\’s obviously interesting for us to get beyond that. Slack still feels like a powerful instant-messaging client, but much of its potential stems from the institutional knowledge that companies build up as they use it. Butterfield remarks, “Every discussion, every decision, every link, every document. The experience of being able to search back over all your team\’s communications is super valuable.”

25. TESLA:

Idea: ˜Push affordable battery power to the limits\’

Tesla is indeed is a big name, Elon Musk a genius, and his dream probably – prophesy. Tesla has built software that turns all its electric sedans an advanced semi-autonomous car, equipped with dual-motor power monsters. He has pushed his Sedans and SUVs to all limit possible making it a notch advance, and hasn\’t spared any minute detail to the beasts. Such passion for motors and zeal to power bank the all-electric cars to performance extending their batteries to support more runs – has led TESLA to a state that one motor company reaches after decades of hard work and luck.


Idea: ˜Build an audio empire\’

SoundCloud has become a home of a booming audiophile community transforming itself from a mere audio reservoir into the biggest audio platform in the globe. It is one place where every musicians fits and finds shelter. It allows the artists to find gigs as well as collaborators, touch base with more than 175 million listeners every single month. Cofounder, Eric Wahlforss said, “If an artist is really big on SoundCloud, they should be able to make a living off that.”SoundCloud came up with an iPhone app that helped discover new audios explore new genres and new music.  Furthermore, it worked with Twitter helping embed Sound Cloud musicians for easy listening – directly from Facebook\’s Timeline.

27. EI MIND A:

Ideas: ˜Change the very way we see and perceive the internal workings of our brains\’

EI Mind A\’s new technology is a milestone achievement and a major breakthrough  for brain research and has a potential to change life of more than 2 billion people across the globe who are dealing with diseases such as Parkinson\’s, Alzheimer\’s and ADHD. Its BNA device perfectly fits on the head like a helmet wrapped around with 256 electrodes and observes billions of neurons lightning off every second that you talk, breathe and think. And, this is how it monitors brain networks respond to each other and how the parts of the brain light up to different emotions. Gadot says, “If the microscope wasn’t invented, we wouldn\’t be able to see germs, infections, or be able to diagnose cancer. The more we can see, the more we can affect functionality.”


Idea: ‘Tech in new fashion and style’

Founded in December 2013, OnePlus is a Chinese Company started by former Oppo Vice President. OnePlus launched ‘One’ in an entirely different fashion, and did not hit the stores at all, and it still hasn’t made it available for the retails yet. It saw a huge success with its 1st phone. The online purchase started with the 24 hour countdown before its official availability. This phone saw a huge and massive success: topping all the charts. It was very unlikely for any Phone maker to have such a grand opening.


Idea: ˜To give an eye to the sky\’

Di-Jiang Innovations, the Shenzhen China based company, is one of the world\’s fastest growing drone manufacturers. It produces a remote-control camera quadcopter for a pricing of $1,300. These drones can fly up to 35 mph and more than 900 feet in the air and come enabled with GPS and stabilizing sensors. These drones have made cameos on popular television sitcoms like ˜The Big Bang Theory\’ and ˜South Park\’. You have drone videos frequently uploaded to YouTube as it has been a big hit among all age techies, GoPro enthusiasts and camera lovers all across the world. DJI is highly responsible from bringing this technology out of the garage Military basements into the retail consumer market.


Idea: ˜Give support to incredible creative business startups\’

Kickstarter started off as a crowd-funding movement, but it has become now become an essential and the most significant part of the business hardware boom. Two really popular companies that initiated their business on this platform were Oculus which later got acquired by Facebook for $2 billion and SmartThings that got acquired by Samsung for $200 million. Kickstarter is one place to go if you have a really creative idea and its full proof business project ready to kick off.


Idea: ˜Rapidly Develop life saving vaccines and medicines when met with need\’

Gilead\’s president and COO, John Milligan, states saying, “Our scientific expertise is about figuring out what\’s Most Unexceptional in the world and trying to bring that into Gilead.” Gilead Sciences was founded in 1987 by a medical doctor named Michael Riordan. It employs 7,000 people on 6 continents and earning name and reputation to produce new forms of treatment for HIV and Hepatitis C.


Idea: ˜Provide high quality content\’

Chief content officer, Ted Sarandos says, “We are creating a product that really does appeal to the local tastes in each of the more than 50 countries we operate in,” “And it turns out that the local taste is pretty global.”Netflix has drawn in hundreds and thousands of people providing high quality programs. Not just that, it is now actively participating and showering dedicated groups and Netflix fans and enthusiasts gifts for participating and getting involved with the activity. They now believe that they should channel the content region wise or country, because the tastes of the region variedly differ from one another.

33. ANKI:

Idea: ˜Build AI to develop slot cars\’

Anki drive is an iPhone controlled toy car, which was showcased and launched during an Apple conference in 2013. It has evolved a lot since then…as it has put 323,000 miles; Onboard sensors scan that track 500 times per second, and algorithms to decide how competent each vehicles are. This ˜AI\’ system has allowed Anki to track user interest and check the ways in which it is pulling players back to the game. Anki CEO says, “We want to eventually leave entertainment, and go into other areas where these approaches would apply, like the home or sports or even transportation.”


Idea: ˜Bring internet intelligence into multitude of product\’.

Samsung might have faced a lot of competition in the past with Xiaomi coming out with high spec phones and tablets in much reasonable pricing and Apple thoroughly innovating technology. However Samsung is way more than just mobile phone provider, and has managed to provide internet to more than many things. With its huge Android user base and endless number of gadgets Samsung might win in the long run. It even has a Google x employee working it full time and taking care of new projects at hand. This Silicon Valley startup has offered a kit which makes easier for consumers to control Sonos sound systems, GE lightbulbs, Schlage door locks, and so much more. It might not be realised, but Samsung is developing itself with the speed of light, with device pairings that makes Samsung the largest player in the ecosystem of Internet of Things. SmartThings founder Alex Hawkinson explains, “The vision is that it’s supereasy for an everyday person to make their home a smart home.”


Idea: ˜Allow people to indulge in things they are most concerned about\’

Reddit is one of the most innovative and well thought social networking sites or you can say a multiplatform forum. It is way more different than its rival social networking sites because it has dedicated followers and users. It is by far the only place on the web that has users speaking out their thoughts on the tread because they really want to and care for the discussion of the particular subject. Its subreddits, which by the way covers all type of subjects, allow users to participate in specific sub forums and gain as well as provide information from and to other redditors.


Idea: ˜Provide content in a very fresh and aesthetically appealing manner\’

Snapchat seems to have a far more better future than we can possibly imagine. Its discover features allows people to read and view content in a completely new fashion and style. Besides that, it allows users to text message others on what is current and recent. The whole idea behind Snapchat was to share their pictures and thoughts as and when they arrive. Snapchat has really developed itself into a superior brand name and the way they are catering content, they might hit the Jackpot in the long run.

37. iBRIDGE:

˜To make connectivity convenient in Apple products\’:

iBridge has launched a USB drive which works with the Apple devices and provides them an extra memory space. It is the first of a kind and is slightly different than other USB drives because it uses an app code named Leef to access the files in the USB drive. It works with great speed and provides easy access and storage from camera directly to the drive. It also allows you to connect it to a Windows C or Laptop. iBridge has successfully attempted what has never been done before.


Idea: ˜Bookmark pictures you like in a way that is completely interesting\’

First of all the name Pinterest suggests you to pin any pictures that interest you, which is by the way a really good name for a brand to have because it clearly describes its motive and purpose. Provided with wide variety of categories and tags, it allows you to pin any picture of you interest on board the Pinterest of course as well as provide the link of the original website from where the image has been pinned. It has rapidly developed into a multi-billion dollar company employing thousands and gathering a massively huge user base. It has become one of the most used and significant social networking sites and is widely popular among young demographic.


Idea: ˜Fill the gap and provide access to content\’

In China, everything associated with Google is probably blocked from access by the Government including the Playstore, which is one and only key market to get games and apps for Android. This means that Android users in China lack access to the games and apps. Therefore, Former Googler Junyu Wang fills in the vacuum by creating a new platform for games and apps names \’Wandoujia\’. Last year, this platform reached out to 450 million users, who downloaded more than 1.6 billion apps and still in counting.

40. SONY:

Idea: ˜Make entertainment better\’

Sony is already a big brand name that none can replace. Sony has always aimed at providing quality devices to fulfil the needs of the users and audience who quench for content via videos, Tv or games. Sony manufactures mobiles, tablets, gaming consoles, portable game hand consoles, plasma Tv, voice recorder mp3 and what not. Sony\’s Ui on Android platform on Xperia phones rocks the boats. It has always earned respect in context to the sound quality…even back then with previous generation devices and even now. Playstation is more revering product we have grown up playing, and now with the next generations Playstation the boats rocks even harder.


Idea: ˜Make computing a regular household\’

Microsoft off with this very idea to provide PC (Personal Computers), providing their most proud product: Windows operating system. Windows operating system has evolved so much and is becoming intelligent and effective day by day. Windows 8 was very creative in its design and function as an operating system compared to its previous versions. It was the first time with the Windows 8 that the smatphone users saw the Windows getting operated, that too in an astonishingly new design-pattern and functionality. It felt weird initially, but then it got to you. And this is what Microsoft is really good at doing. The idea was to provide access of technology and make computers a regular house hold, and its operating system a support to a regular way of life.


Idea: ˜Give malls a new Tech makeover\’

Westfield Corp. is a $27.7 billion ­shopping center located in Australia, however, Westfield Labs its innovation arm, located in San Francisco is not quite similar. Its Chief digital officer, Kevin Mc­Kenzie admits, “It\’s easy for people to have a vision of a mall as dead.” Westfield Labs is involved in reinventing old retail hubs. Rayna Wiles, VP of creative services recalls it “using digital to amplify the physical.” Westfield Labs\’ crew has grown to more than 55 employees within a span of merely two years, and has put ideas into motion revealing and showcasing the how malls don\’t have to be a relic of late-20th-century American commerce any more.


Idea: ‘Provide extensive management services to Companies’

Salesforce is a software and programming company founded in 1999 by Mark Benioff with its headquarters based in San Francisco, United States. It has made a sales of more than $5 billion and has a total estimated value of more than $44 billion dollars and a employee base of exceeding 16,000. Salesforce.inc provides cloud computing services to the clients and has been rated as the most efficient one in the industry. Furthermore , it provides a comprehensive customer and collaboration relationship management for small businesses to big Giants. Its reputation extends world-wide and its services it rated a top notch by industry giants.

44. YAHOO:

Idea: ‘To provide more services to people that matter’

Yahoo is globally popular for its search engine, web portal and services such as Yahoo mail, news, finance, groups and answers. Stationed in Sunnyvale, California, United States – it is one of the biggest names in the Silicon Valley and has been popular world wide for its aforementioned services. Yahoo answers is gaining popularity ever since it started helping people solve their queries ranging from subjects  to subjects with advices from experts as well as pseudo-intelligent amateurs.


Idea: ‘To build a one-stop shop catering every single material need of the consumers’

Amazon is the biggest online shopping website this world has seen. It has products ranging from apparels, clothing, electronics, movies, music, games, kids and more….the list of products don’t seem to see an end, and it is growing even more widely even as we speak. Amazon Kindle among many other is made to allow avid readers smoothness to the eye and an almost close replica of the paperbacks. And, now with free 3G for Kindle Paper White is gathering quite the attention it deserves.


Idea: ‘Provide wireless telecommunication products to all clients’

You might have noticed by now most of your smartphones fitted with Qualcomm chipset. Yes, this is the company who is making that happen. It is an American based global semi-conductor company which designs wireless as well as markets wireless telecommunications products and services. Based in San Diego, California, this company is estimated to have a revenue of $26.49 billion dollars in 2014 and the numbers are just not seizing to grow. Qualcomm is getting deeper in a ur systems and soon might be the whole and sole material provider for all big electronic brands.


Idea: ‘Offer innovative and extremely work and business centric software applications to business’

AutoDesk made to Forbes List after all and why would it not…after all it has earned a good name and reputation for itself now. Based in San Rafael, California, it is a design software and services company founded by Carl Bass, and offers customer productive business solutions to potential company and clients via technology products and services.

48. LinkedIn:

Idea: ‘Provide opportunities to professional talents’

Founded in December 2002 and launched on May 5, 2003 – LinkedIn is a business-oriented social networking service with more than 350 million user base of professionals spread across the globe over 200 hundred countries in all continents. It has made it so easy and comfortable for the professionals to find a job and for the employers to find talent. It has become a platform serving and showcasing digital resumes and bio-datas. It has progressed so much even since its launch – building up to a revenue of $2.21 billion and more in counting…

49. QLIK:

Idea: ‘Provide quality, understanding, interaction and knowledge’

Qlik is a Pennyslyvania based software company founded in 1993. It had developed a desktop tool named Quik View, which was sold exclusively in Sweden earlier. It’s name stood for ‘Quality, understanding, interaction and knowledge.’ It has been popular ever since its first launch and now has built quite a name within the industry among the entrepreneurs.


Idea: “Make voice messaging a common phenomena’ 

Rival to WhatsApp, this company is a multi-cross platform and has its fair share of user base, although, not as widely reached as WhatsApp. However, in its defence, WhatsApp is owned by Facebook and frankly speaking, they have more than meets the eye, enough resources and funds. We Chat has become quite popular among the general masses. I have personally met people who use WeChat as well as WhatsApp. It is the largest stand alone messaging app according to the monthly app users. Broadcast voice messaging is what strikes me the most, as it allows you to reach via voice all the contact list on WeChat. Voive messaging had never been more fun.


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1 Comment

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