4 Stunning Pieces of Tech at CES 2019 That We Liked

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  • Vuze XR Camera

XR has already managed to garner all the hype that’s needed and CES 2019 saw the unveiling of Vuze XR Camera by HumanEyes. The camera can shoot “180-degree image” which can be further employed to create videos for a long list of stereoscopic viewers like that of Daydream headsets. Besides, it can also shoot 360-degree videos that can come handy for applications using an alternate reality. So, you have two different cameras with two different functionalities in one structure.

  • Rehab Tech

One of the most potent causes of adult disability is a stroke. Once a person has it, there’s a good chance he’s fated for lifetime towards rehab. Introducing MiGo from Flint Rehab, a wearable for your wrists which needs to be further paired with an app, thus offering a chance to imbibe on an ecosystem filled with simplicity, fun, and user-friendly devices to help survivors of stroke work on their impaired or fallen side. The best part is, it is indifferent towards all patients and can be controlled via one hand only.

  • Temi Robot

Robots aren’t new to CES and tell you what; they are often grim, but not Temi. You got companies boasting of robots being able to deliver a lot of tasks but fail when put to the test in reality. However, the developer team at Temi is bent on highlighting the features that work and are beneficial. Temi has a total of 16 sensors which can help an individual map their home. Just a tap of the button and it starts following you or just ask him to go any place you wish to. On reaching the destination, it can perform simple tasks like play music, charge devices wirelessly, become like Alexa or function as a bot for video chat.

  • Matrix PowerWatch 2

Arguably, smartwatches give me the Hamlet vibe. They are much like Prince of Denmark, if you ask me–We all love smartwatches but can’t hope to live by it, as it runs out of its juice pretty easy thus leaving you alone in the middle of nowhere. Matrix Powerwatch 2 was built to alter this issue, and hence it has been gifted with solar charging and thermometric features. So, whenever the watch gets closer towards running out, it turns to the sun and your body heat to fill it up again. Did you get the picture? You will never have to charge it. It’s also water resistant with regular pretty regular features that include heart rate tracker, GPS, and others.


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