3 Innovative Firms That Merge Fashion and Tech

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Just a little heads up—don’t be surprised if the next time your phone knows your bra or shoe size more precisely than you, or when it alerts you to a sale for those handbags you’ve been eyeing for so long! Or when it leads you to a must-try section of a store you’re in rarely interested in!

Le Tote

What are the chances that you will get easily bored with what’s stacked in your closet? How often do we find ourselves in the situation where we have nothing to wear from our 45895136 garments? Here’s when Le Tote will come to your rescue. This app will wisely send you a personalized selection of clothes, jewelry, and accessories each month. You’ll have your very own expert stylist picking up what’s best for you. This deal doesn’t end here. You get to keep what you love the most (for 20% less than retail, you’ve got to be kidding, right!), and you can return the rest. And after you are bored of what convoy got for you, you can simply ship your tote back. Then, they’ll send you another one! Le Tote is a total exception in the package. You can have top designers, cheerful returns and getting to wear these outfits as much or as little as you want before shipping them back! What are the odds, eh?


Are you one of those persons who lives and breathes trends? Being a trendy fanatic yourself, what are the chances you’d really get to keep an eye on trends? Net-a-porter is where you need to be. This is an online portal that can craft you a bit-by-bit detail of what’s trending among the online shoppers! Don’t wait too long, shop at this luxury merchant, which will give you a minute-by-minute supply of what other online shoppers are buying. To add to your convenience, you can also shop directly from the pages of their online magazine—yes, technology has made that possible too now!


Personally, I can’t bring myself to believe something like this even exists! This ultra-modern app, hands-down, has to be one of the most unbelievable ways in which technology has and will change the way we, especially women, shop. All you have to do is snap a few selfies of yourself. And the magic here—this app will not only tell you your correct bra size, but it will also assist you to shop for the perfect-fitting undergarments online, on the website.

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