1More launched Piston Classic In-Ear Headphones

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1More has launched a new Piston Classic In-Ear Headphones with a mic in India. 1More is a consumer electronics audio company headquartered in San Diego, California. 1More has collaborated with internationally acclaimed Grammy Award Winning producer, mixer and sound engineer Luca Bignardi to perfect the tuning to deliver high-quality sound.

1More has selected metal composite diaphragm to allow the metal clip to provide outstanding performance in high frequency. 1More lineage the patent damping system to assimilate noise. Utilizing lightweight aerospace metal and flexible PET material, it offers finest details and dynamic rhythm. The 1More Piston classic offers plug and play feature with Smartphone, iPod, iPad, iPhone. It has a three button control for call answering, call ending, call rejecting and music play, pause functions & volume up & down.

1More offers naturally balanced sound, without the harsh bass and treble boosting prevalent with other brands, produces a fully satisfying listening experience without the need for unhealthy volume levels. The cable comes in enamelled copper wrapped around the Kevlar fibre for improved durability and strength. It originates from bulletproof vest material. The metal chase originates from aluminium, CNC diamond cut for once with highlight drilling and CD pattern craftwork in the surface. The metal chase surface is anodized, which is safer and more difficult to lose color. The ground wire and earphone’s line have their own channel, to avoid cross-talk and gives you a hi-res talking experience.

The 1More Piston Classic In-Ear headphone is priced at Rs. 1499 and it carry’s 1-year warranty and available at Amazon India. The Headphone will be available in 3 assorted colors – Black, golden and Rose Gold


  • Product Name:1MORE Piston Classic In-Ear Headphones
  • Type:In-Ear
  • Weight:13 gram
  • In-Line Remote Control: Included
  • Length:1.2 m
  • Connector Type:3.5 mm
  • Speaker Impedance:32 Ω
  • Sensitivity:98 dB/mW
  • Frequency Range:20-20,000 Hz
  • Rated Power:5 mWatt


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1 Comment

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